Friday, November 03, 2006

Mamachel Have the Strangest Vibrations

"Somethings gotta go wrong 'cause I'm felling way too damn good"

Hey People!!!
All my fans will be happy to know that I have moved from the stranded stage, thanks to my new and ever prompt taxi driver Chris. Iam therefore in some odd sort of way mobile. With my transportation dilemna clarified I was at a loss with what to write about this week. Fret not!!! My friend Stephen* decided to quiz me today on a conflict inducing topic of MAN and WOMAN RELATIONSHIP. Now we all know that he must be in serious desperation if him asking the I for advice. Stephen* wanted to know why is it that girls love Bad boys and Guys love the girls they can never get? SAY WHAT??!!! This was beyond me... This little advice session soon turned to a class with me as the pupil.

Past experience would lead me to believe that a girl could be able to put her legs completely behind her head and sing the yankle doodle dandy all while drinking a frozen daquiri from Tastees Patty and her man would still give her bun with a normal girl with the bounti killa lip.. I'm just saying who knows why we do the things we do?

If you have any input feel free to reply I would like to hear from both sexes in this matter...

* Names have been changed to protect the identity of of my compatriots....

Mamachel Over and Out

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Kim said...

Now Chelan, first let me comment on the fact that I'm nt even shocked that you've started makes absolute sense. I couldn't think of the reason (universally) as to why girls love bad guys and why guys love girls they can't get. I can tell you though that the category (bad) varies in connotation so to put it my way...I don't want a punk! If mi gu a road and can manage a situation 'my man must be able to sort it out for me. (2) I must feel that my man is a no nonsense man ..and everyone MUST get the same feeling.
NOW as to why men love girls they can't get...that sounds like "high" ambition! LOL No seriously it must be the challenge and the human satisfaction of reward..reward in that everyone knows that the girl may is a challenge but once him di "MAN" conquers her or woos her and basically so called lock har head..him a now the real BIG MAN! Poor ting...once a bad girl always a bad girl (just su u fellas out there know this). Again this is just my view...i'm sure there are others out there. and human nature is set that way...we often want what we CAN'T HAVE!

KADI B said...

I agree with Kim, I'm not surprised that chelan started this. Seeing that she has nothing to do but bitch all day. You miserable RASSSS. :)
Anyway you two know i can't be with a "good" guy. They just can't
handle this full stop.
However i was a bad girl, so we can be tamed but only if we want to be. Men nor women have the power to take anyone the person has to be willing to compromise.

another kim said...

i think a reason for both is that we are never satisfied. Wanting a bad guy translates to: girls wanting what they cant have. cause even if you love out with a bad guy, u won't truly ever have him. So, why do we (men and women) want what we can't have? It's in our nature. It's good when it fuels into ambitions, but with relationships, it's a catalyst. we fight so hard to change people into being the perfect persons for us, and then when they do everything we want, we lose interest. It's unreasonable, but its ingrained. I dont know why we girls love the cave man ting. and guys love the chase. we can try to look on it optimistically and say that we like to work for what we get, but i dont think thats the whole case- cause we never get rewarded. some women sit there forever and ever waiting for homeboy to come back from off the streets, waitng, day in, day out for acknowledgement and appreciation. Fi wah!? while sweet likkle nerd guy, who has a JOB, and loves her for her, sends her love letters everyday. Solve this and you solve, why pple cheat, why people stay getting divorced, and ultimately world peace!

So he said...

I FULLY agree with another Kim, when she says that we're really never satisfied. If we can get it we don't want it. If we CAN'T get it, we want it, UNTIL we get it.

I think EVERYBODY knows a guy that has a girl that would give him the world if he asked, but yet he either keeps her around as a way to boost ego his, or brushes her off in favour of antoher. Same applies to women, we know a girl that has a guy that loves her to death, that thinks she's perfect and would NEVER DREAM of cheating on her, but, she doesnt take him on, she goes for the guy who cheats on he, neglects her, disrespects her, and then goes and cries to her friends wonder why she can't just let him go.

As for what the original Kim said about not wanting a "Punk", Sound like she's wants a thug to "protect" her when anythign happens. If thats her idea of BAD and what she wants in a man, no problem, that in itself carries a whole BUNCH of problems ;) But I personally don't think "bad" means quick to fight (i.e. defen). Bad means unfaithful, dishonest, disrespectful, unappreciative, abusive, neglectful, etc. Things I suspect EVERY woman out there has found herself in a situation where she has had to deal with, while the one or two guys out there who worship the ground you walk on sit back and watch.

Kim (1st one) was right when she said everybody loves a challenge, which is why when we like somebody we often times play this game, where you give them a little, just enough to get them interested, then hold back a lot, so they're so intrugued that cant help but want more. IF you give too much, dive in head first 9 times out of ten (from a man's point of view) you'll never get what you want.

It's all about balance :)
(fck that was a lot to type)

Kim said...

This will possibly be my last response to this entry...simply put he said's definition of BAD sounds like a fucking menace, when poor me think bad mi a tink seh is a P-Diddy, Damon Dash Bad, mi naaw check fi ole fawt bad! But as I stated before, bad is connotative, and he said's bad is different from mine.

As for this line "the guy who cheats on her, neglects her, disrespects her, and then goes and cries to her friends wonder why she can't just let him go.

That boy is a battyhole and that girl is an asshole :) know what I mean?

I aint saying that a man can't or won't do that to me BUT....I am a serious believer in "do unto others...and wi not talking bout one type of dosage..there are many ways to skin a cat/dog...let me count the ways.....

Unu rememba d saying...wanty wanty caan get it and getty getty nuh want it?


Peppe said...

Girlfriend, I dont know why good girls like bad guys. But let me write from experience. I dont know why but i seem to always be attracted to the "bad" guys. Whats my rationale for this? Well i want to be able to know that when i go out with my man he is able to protect me if anything should happen. In addition most girls dont like no sissy ass nigga or soft boy. Also I want someone who gonna rule sometime. Somebody who I know i cant do certain things with and get away with it. U know what i mean
As for why man want girls they cant get. Its that thing call Ego. Deh tryna to be all macho and ting. Well chica, das all i have to say on that. Peace Out

Anonymous said...

In life, people love challenges... As a result, people would do things to be successful at it. If they fail, they'll keep trying... if they suceed, then that's another score for them. In that regard, I guess that's why good girls like bad guys and guys like girls they can never have. Personally, I love girls and that's that... though I have my limts (smiles).