Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mamachel Has Moved

I’ve had a great time at Blogger and I will always love them for popping my blogging virginity. However, All good things come to an end and I’ve decided to move over to WordPress. They have more options that will enable me to provide my readers with a cleaner look aesthetically and features that will allow me to display more adventures.
I wont lie it wasn’t easy but special shout outs to my personal IT crew DremaicanExperienceaurieRummy and DJ Brucki. Lord know’s I’d have popped out my weave by now if it wasnt for you guys … MUAH.
I’m still making tweaks but feel free to send suggestions and I hope you guys stick with me on my new WordPress adventure.
Update your contacts the new address is
Faith and Love,

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Swag Anthem : The Harder they come (throwback Friday)

Hey Guys,

There are certain songs that you can claim as part of the soundtrack to your life. To me "Harder they come" the song AND the movie was a lesson on how to dream big but also a cautionary tale on letting the dream consume you. I can't tell you how many times I've drawn for this song on a rough day or on a good day even. To me it's the ultimate hustlers' anthem and it's that one song that speaks to my soul because no matter what I go through I've never doubted that I'm going to make it. I hope you can get into the vibe of the song. My throwback Friday choice is "Harder they come" - Jimmy Cliff

*Now could someone please go light a spliff for me? ! 

Faith & Love , 

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wayne Marshall "My Heart" Video Review

Hey Guys, 

The other day I noticed a building buzz about the release of a video from one of our dance hall artistes Wayne Marshall. At first I paid no attention, I'm always hearing about this video and that video only to be disappointed when I view the finished product. Then I saw the trailer, that was all I needed to sit up and pay attention the quality was crisp, there seemed to be a concept and do I dear believe an actual plot? I went to the video launch last night which was sponsored by NCB, Coca Cola, and Flow (sorry if I missed anyone). The support was there in full force with many artistes such as Jah Cure, Mavado (who also is featured in the video), Proteje, Cecile, Chi-ching, present. When the time came and after a couple tries the video was shown in its entirety only for the audience to ask for it to be played two more times. I can genuinely say that I was beyond pleased with the quality of the video, Marshall seems to always find the formula for good entertainment let's not forget "Marshall Town". The plot was solid AND the acting was definitely on point. I look forward to seeing it play on BET, MTV and Much More Music, because its definitely has international quality written all over it. In many ways it reminds me of Common's "Testify" which means that "My Heart" is in excellent company. 

Faith and Love, 


P.s my only critique of the plot is when the lead was arguing with Wayne AFTER she got caught. Right then and there she needed a hot bax! IMO... Peep the video Below