Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Words Unspoken


Its been such a busy month. My long time readers will be sad to know I've sold my car. So look out there might be another "mamachel stranded" post. But that's another post all together. Let's get to the meat of the matter.

How do you deal with constant accusations from a partner? I've yet to find a question that has no history or meaning? So when your mother asks you "did you brush your teeth?" That's a result of you NOT doing it in the past or you having some funky breath.

Alas my point! When a partner asks who is that?, where were you?, what time did you get in?, who were you with? You start to wonder if you have given them a reason to doubt your motives. But what happens when you answer honestly a friend, at church, around 12, my sistren. What happens when they don't believe you?

Are you a liar? Is that what they think you are? These are the words unspoken when it comes to accusations "what's really behind those questions". When you don't believe it was really church or with a friend then what do you believe?

What type of person are you with when you believe nothing they say?

Gimme your opinion

Truth and Happiness,

It's not what you think you are. It's what you think, you are.


DiGrifter said...

Nothing may be "wrong" with the person per se for not trusting you.

Here are a couple possible reasons why: (1) They might have caught you in stupid lie previously which causes them to doubt your future stories. (2) Someone else may have given them reason to distrust you. (3) You might remind them of someone who lied to them a lot.

Of course, there's also the fact that some people just don't trust others easily (or at all). This may be due to their being burned too many times in the past, or their being the type that lies a lot as well (e.g. politicians).

SHAK Diesel said...

Maybe they projecting their own personality as in they dont truss people 4 1 n they think they are alwayz lieing n its realy dem( the untrusting person/s) who r lieing. Dem call it badmind i think!
TO be honest if u cud tell if sum1 didnt truss you(using ur 6 sense) u wud do the total upposite just 2 gain thier trust so u cud drop tha bomb n them when they least expect it!lol

Jabs said...

Everyone is different, but for me I find myself trusting a complete stranger more than a loved one. Maybe because I have no high expectations of them and my feelings cannot be hurt if they are of no significance to me. When you love someone, you know you're vulnerable and that prevents you from trusting them completely..it's almost like a guard but the downside of it is, when you LOVE..you will get hurt whether there was trust or no trust.
LOVE comes before trust because it's an uncontrollable emotion. You choose whether you want to trust someone or not based on their character. When a loved one breaks your trust..you'll love them anyway (based on the level of love and the extent of the damage)..and you forgive them because they hold a special place in your heart.You may however be cautious of them after.
In terms of friends..some form of platonic love exists before we decide to open up to them. We filter what we tell each friend, based on the level of trust they have been awarded...ofcourse judged by their individual character and morals. Based on my personal experience..I would say love comes before trust. If they are worthy of my love..then they are of my trust. It may be the flip side for someone else!