Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Everything we do requires trust and usually we give it but when it comes to the game of love and relationships everyone takes a turn at being a doubtful Thomas. What’s so difficult in placing trust in someone that you claim to love? Is it that this trust has to be earned? Then where did the love come from? Is love less than trust? I’m serious, is trust worth more than love? I ask this question because it seems that people have become more willing to give love than trust. However, I am confused as to how one might exist without the other in a relationship as both are a priceless commodity in the relationship market.

I would like to take a deeper look into the level of relationship in which both trust and love would need to be present.
Friendship: Can you love a friend but not trust them. I must say most people I know have categorized their friends based on what they can tell them. Am I right? You have acquaintance, friend, good friend and of course the BFF the latter being the one who knows all about you FOREVER. This leads me to ask, can you have a BFF that you do not trust?

Partner: Can you have a partner that you cannot trust, can you love them? This one is very tricky as many place a lack of trust on just having a jealous nature. But think for a second how much do you love a person if you constantly believe that they’re out to hurt you? I’ve always heard that love is blind NOT that it has eyes in the back of it’s head.

Broken Trust: Does this equal broken love? In most situations it means a broken heart. But can you still love someone even after they’ve broken your trust and if so which one is worth more trust or love?

Let me know what you think. Can one exist without the other? Can you love someone first and then love them later or vice versa? To constantly be suspicious or wary of a friend or partner must have some form of adverse effect on anyone.
To trust or not to trust let me know…

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Jabs said...

Everyone is different, but for me I find myself trusting a complete stranger more quickly than a loved one. Maybe because I have no high expectations of them and my feelings cannot be hurt if they are of no significance to me. When you love someone, you know you're vulnerable and that prevents you from trusting them's almost like a guard but the downside of it is, when you will get hurt whether there was trust or no trust.
LOVE comes before trust because it's an uncontrollable emotion. You choose whether you want to trust someone or not based on their character. When a loved one breaks your'll love them anyway (based on the level of love and the extent of the damage)..and you forgive them because they hold a special place in your heart.You may however be cautious of them after.
In terms of friends..some form of platonic love exists before we decide to open up to them. We filter what we tell each friend, based on the level of trust they have been awarded...ofcourse judged by their individual character and morals. Based on my personal experience..I would say love comes before trust. If they are worthy of my love..then they are of my trust. If you truly love someone..would you hurt them? It may be the flipped side for someone else!