Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A BIRTHDAY TO FORGET *Misconceptions*

Hey People It was Mamachel's b-day last week. The 21st of November to be exact. I'm 25 and still I have no clue when does this wise thing happen?!!!! I entered the day with high hopes that it would be different from past ones. I know this is turning to my quote "Bwaay was I wrong". So wrong I hesistated writing about it. :-(

I thought that due to certain circumstances that were never around in the past this brithday would be maybe not Great but better. Listen people its is a dangerous thing that feeling called hope and expectation.

I went to dinner with the folks guys, then after certain events I went home to sleep. I got a bowl of chocolate cookies from my co-worker Keesha (thanks babe) If i could save those cookies I would. Because apart from that and the dinner and a card from esther that's all I got. Dont get it twisted I'm beyond grateful for the gifts I received I have had b-days when I have not received anything (lets not dwell on the past).

Now Kim I think it is certain that I my life is a extended series of Punk'd because at 2 in the morning I get a call from the one person I wanted to see the most saying sorry.. Now in all honesty dont you think I deserved more than a sorry? To date I am still waiting on an explanation or an attempt on redemption. I agree that unforseen things happen but an explanation can ease the hurt alot.

Would it then be wrong of me to deduce that I mean nothing to this person? That I must have a misconception as to where we are in this ? Let Mamachel know...? Its not my friends problem today it is mine :-(

So there you have it guys no roses, no kisses, no candy, nothing.. What's a girl to do?


Anonymous said...

Hey sweety,
I feel u. Sure u appreciate everything u got, but hey how can u not be disappointed. I mean u finally have someone around who says they wanna be apart of ur life and this is how important u are to them or how they show u they really care. Come on words are words, its the actions that accompany them that holds the true meanings. Yeah shit happens, but the fact that they haven't even offered an explanation, even with the I'm sorry....s, it speaks volumes, not jus about them, but about where u stand with them. U know. Anyways live and learn, its better to expect nothing, then u'll never be disappointed.

DiGrifter said...

I know I've screwed up in the past, but if I cared about the person I'd give an apology and explanation (and then try to make it up!). Even if the explanation did not excuse the screw-up, it should still be given, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Bad MamaChel!
NEVER take advise from those who never walked the walk! ASSumption is a form of fear & deception.
Urban Chef 06.

Anonymous said...

Ok Chelly Belly, you jus got a dose of da medicine call "Men". Aw well, we all get disappointed in life. Jus see it as one of those days. Really. Hell No, each dog has its day and his time will come. So jus b E Z for now.