Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mamachel Vex bout this Deja Vu

"I going to kill that heffa!!! She think after i work so long with this man she can come just get him so?" recent reamblings of a wifee done wrong (2006)

Ladies have you ever known that something wasnt right in your relationship but you cant put a finger on it?

Have you ever known that there is another girl , but you cant say anything because you are going to be called paranoid?

You know he likes you : he calls, he spends time, unnu go out inna public, you know him friends, so why are you having those funny familiar forgotten feelings? Why is intuition telling you that there is another female around causing problems in an otherwise good life?

Unfortunately there is really nothing that you can do.. is there?
To confront her would mean behaving unlady like and wifees dont do that! To say nothing means you're a coward. So what does one do about all these impromtu meetings, late night phone calls, secret instant messages and flirty emails? Nothing? I'm afraid that's the correct answer. We as females can do nothing, just suck it up and play dumb. I for one tolerate it until im over it, until it gets old and then I'm gone that is.

One friend told me that when them look in your eyes and say "I love you" just look back and say the same.. Cause whatever man do we can do better...

All I saying is Mamachel vex bout certain current events... So give me your point of view on the topics at hand.... What should a girl do when she gets that Funny, familiar, forgotten feeling of infidelity..

I wonder if our mothers went through this?

Peace, Love and Honesty...... (Sounds simplier than it is)



Kim said...

Humpghh All di man dem quiet this time...A wah su?

Bwoy Mamachel dis one have di wretch dem! I am grining ear to ear...this is all too funny.

Well two things if you want the man..fight for your relationship...weh muma Saw seh.."since di selecta tell u walk out...walk out mek a tump u eena u mout....hehhhya

But the undisputed Macka Diamond and the eva Black...Black-er seh...

nuff said over and out

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the FACTS! manytimes the Urban Chef has witnessed wrongful assumptions without hard evidence. People male/female lets get the real SCOPE! if we are going to worry about the next man or woman!
Urban Chef says.....LAYBACK!

Kim said...

I hear you Urban Chef...but here is the perfect response I believe...all is fair in love and war, the passion you feel for an unrequited love might not feel just, eventhough embracing your passionate nature is a good should NEVER lose yourself in your emotions i've been in this situation once too many times. A due time oman wake up from daydreams and value demself enough fi face reality. If someone doesn't value you as much as you value him or her, me not waste any more energy on the relationship. Get things back to being equal -- it's the only way you can find balance. U feel mi? No one needs more than they can handle bro sometimes di load jus too much fi carry.

Iakona said...
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Iakona said...

Let me put in my 3 cents….

At some point accusations and assumptions get tired without something to back them up. Those kinds of things can mash up a relationship. But on the other hand, if you’re not in the picture you cant get framed.