Friday, November 03, 2006

Mamachel take 2


Welcome to another great adventure of mamachel. This is not a distress signal. Unfortunately, I am in the same situation as last week "Stranded". When will this scene change you might ask? I myself am trying to figure that out as I type. I'm still trying to remain optimistic tonight (hmm) Anyways, once again I have stayed late to work and my taxi is "indisposed" so i'm stranded. Everyday, apart from being thankful to be alive I wonder couple of things 1." Am I being punk'd?" , 2." Where is the rainbow, lord knows its been raining long enough" and 3."How hard can it be to get a car?" Well I'm here (trust me I'm here). Hopefully tomorrow will be better than today because today was just plain shit. Kim you really think i'm being punk'd, I might be forced to concurr (lol)

Over and Out ... Until Next time

Mamachel :-(

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