Monday, December 04, 2006

Hope I'm Santa's pixie

"Breadfruits roasting on an open fire, Jackfruit sticking to your nose, christmas songs being song by a choir and folks dressed up like pappi show"

Christmas is just around the corner folks and I am trying to feel the christmas spirit. Its my first christmas in an apartment by MYSELF *gasp* I most surely will be heading to my folks place for the x-mas dinner but its not the same. Nevertheless, I have embarked on a mission to put myself in the x-mas spirit. I bought pepperlights (note to self: need more than 1 pack), I ordered x-mas cake (will not even attempt to make that myself) and I have initiated a pixie in the office.

Now Pixie what is a pixie you might ask? Well I put everyones name in a bag and we choose, the price limits of the gifts are set and everyone has a jolly good time. Unfortunately, I have lost the pixie bag! Now tell me, how does a pixie bag throw away itself?!!! It surely wasnt me. But however it got there I can tell you that Santa is watching and he knows.

moving along....

Due to the financial embarrassment that I have been experiencing throughout the year I am debating on whether or not I will be giving gifts this year. That thought is soo far fetched for me. One of my co-workers said that my friends and family will understand that I just couldn't make the christmas train this year. True, a friend will understand...*sigh* Then why havent I told anyone yet? Why does my heart drop EVERYTIME I think about telling my folks? If I dont give any gifts can I still accept?

All these things float through my head and it hits me that I have yet to think about church and christmas mass (shamefully the one time of year I make it into church with no fear of lightening :-). I am more worried with gifts and spending. I sign off telling you to have a Merry Xmas and try not to lose sight of what this holiday is really about"the birth of someone greater than anything I could get my loved ones at Target".

If I do decide to not give any presents this year I just hope Santa is my pixie 'cause I know he'll understand and I'll get something nice.

What are your views on the true meaning of xmas? LET MAMACHEL KNOW!!!!


Honeynuts said...

Xmas is the time of year when good friends draw near u don't need money to do
that. You don't need to buy gifts to express your love,the warmth of your
presence on xmas day will put a smile on someone's face. Don't be depress there
is xmas without money. Santa will make us happy.

damanimichael said...

my mother believes this time of year is for thanking God for a good year, or thanking God the year is over if it was a bad year...
for me, December is a month of statis... jus chillin, waiting on january for things to really restart! i just want to make it through the time...

Anonymous said...

Xmas is deceptive!
How about giving jus LOVE! for Xmas.
The financial burden WILL be less due to the price tag on Love. LOVE is FREE for all those who are willing to participate and is much more rewarding. PASS the message on to all your SOCIALLY viral patrons!
Urban Chef.

Kim said...

NO Gifts? Gyal u damn mad? LOL ...That's what Christmas is about cuz Jesus certainly was not born on this day and WE KNOW THIS...if my birthday is April 23rd why would I want another day to celebrate it namely Dec 25th? But seriously if you can't afford the gifts just don't give...ppl will understand esp if they are your true friends. Christmas is my favorite time of year because of how warm and cuddly ot makes me feel... I LOVE IT.. and of course it's fun to receive gifts but the greatest gift my friend is having your crazy ass as my friend...u mad su till u caan fix and if I don't get a gift from you I know it's because you really couldn't afford (a suh dah word dere spell?) it and it would never change how I feel about or towards you.
But if mi nuh get from mi man and who mi know ha money mi a gu carry feelings! LOL

Iakona said...

just buy a box of christmas cards and give to everyone...they should understand. if they dont understand...oh well