Monday, December 11, 2006


Hey Guys,

I need help with this one ... :-)

Q: Hey Mamachel, I'm in a predicament. The other day, last week tuesday to be exact my boyfriend came by to use my computer and left. When I started using the computer I realized that he had left his email account open. This is my problem, I want to read what's in there but i'm not sure if it is ethical. My friends say that I should read it, that its his fault he should have been ore careful. It's been open on my computer for days now chel and everytime I go to read it I stop. I think part of me is afraid of what I might see. What should I do?

Curious and Afraid, Turks

A: Hey Curious,
My first instinct as a woman (with that inborn inclination to Fass) was that you should read it. The best advice that I can give you is if you are in doubt then DO NOT do it. There is a reason that you have not opened it as yet its been 8 days if you were going to open it then you would have opened it already. What I'm about to say is going to sound cliche but put yourself in his shoes would you want him all over your inbox like that? I know you want to read it but the fact that you are afraid to opens up other issues in your relationship. The end decision is up to you mamachel can only suggest you close it. I know some of you woman are like Hell no !!! but you know i'm right :-) A bigger question is "from last week tuesday him nuh come look fi yuh again?"


so he said...

much as it BURNS me to agree... i dont think she should open the email account. its just wrong on SO many different levels. Even if he's been an angel, and has NOTHIGN to hide (and we KNOW that this is likely the case :) ) why would you invade his privacy like that?

if you had left you're email open, or left your name logged on to msn im pertty sure you wouldnt want him to go looking through your emails... or talking to the people on your contact list....

Its just about having a little RESPECT.....:)

DiGrifter said...

Don't do it! Respect their privacy!

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