Tuesday, December 19, 2006



I can see that my last blog really hit a nerve with my readers and Justin and I really appreciate the advice that you guys gave. He's still deciding if he must tell her or not I think he's going to keep quiet and if it happens again then he'll definitely blow the whistle this time. I will keep you posted.
I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the caring and concerned responses everyone really empathized with Justin. It led me to think what if the tables were turned would people be so understanding if it were the other way around. Suppose Justin's best friend (bredren) hit on his girlfriend should the girlfriend tell Justin or should she keep quiet? Its not as simple as it sounds. In the name of objectivity I will not even hint at what I think she should do. I know that she may feel uncomfortable and might not want to disturb the friendship. Let mamachel know, is it worse when a guy hits on his friends girl and also when this happens should she tell her man?

This one deep folks but mamachel need to know!!!!

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Peace, Love and Most of all Respect,

Mamachel "06"


Anonymous said...

Girl are fucking mad, crazy or insane. I would never tell my boyfriend that his bredren a try sleep wit me. But then again i jus might. Honestly it all depends on da type of relationship you and your partner have. But jus to be on da safe side i will tell cuz u neva kno wat kinda bull shit da bredren might try pull. U know to keep himself safe n to keep him friendship he might try fuck u ova n tell ur guy that it was you. Turks Gyal

DiGrifter said...

Now this is an even *worse* situation. I still say the other party should be told about the friend's indiscretion (particularly to protect against the "friend" trying to make them look bad).

Now I say this was a worse situation because women are scandalous and competitive... They'll frequently try to steal another woman's man -- friend or foe. Which is why women have few close friends.

However, male friends generally have a code of conduct (let's call it *honour*), and that kind of behaviour is heavily frowned upon.

In fact I would say that the guy who breaks such a code was never really the dude's friend in the first place. The sooner this is found out, the better I think.

Jess said...

As much as I hate to admit it, I agree with digrifter. Women are mean. I have very few female friends due to the things they will do. If it were me in this situation, I would tell. What is a relationship, if you can't tell each other things like this?