Thursday, April 26, 2007

Puncture this!!!

Hey All,

Yesterday I was offered a ride home by a friend (who will remain know who you are). On these rare occasions in which I get to escape the taxi (dusty car, loud radio, ignorant driver) hell I jump at the opportunity. End of the work day comes and I am actually worry free about how I will reach home. Today big tings a gwaan cause Mamachel not stranded. Anyhoo, I get pick up a little late because my friend work a little ways from here. I get picked up and we begin our long journey home :-) We are having a grand time talking and catching up on old times and I start thinking to myself "Wow I really have a good friend here". You know people sometimes you just talk to quick. In the middle of that thought i hear "platta, platta, platta". I turn and say "What's that sound?" I starting to get worried because cold sweat start wash my bredren. He turns to me and say "I have a flat."

Whew!! I thought something was wrong with the engine. I start smiling again as he finds a place to park. Im thinking to myself its only a flat he has a spare and this will be changed and over with in no time. Join me here people "Bwaay was I wrong". The short of the stroy is him dont know how to change a tire!!!!! I am not lying, I'm not being wicked. My big, big 20 odd year old friend has no knowledge of changing a tire. So at first I thought it was a joke. Upon realizing that I have to change it myself. I get to work. "I" Mamachel jack up the car myself and pull the bolt dem an' pull of the tire, position the spare tire, tighten the bolt dem and do everything else to change this tire. Now people I'm a good friend I wasnt upset sometimes poeple know things and sometimes they dont.

What took the cake though was that all this time never once did he offer to take up the tire, jack up the car, or help me tighten the bolts. But what took the cake, was when he went across the street and got HIMSELF a drink and didnt offer me one or even a sip. It was at this very moment that I started thinking of how I could change the tire and make off with the car without him in it. Regardless of all this I changed the tire, and got dropped home. Now he is calling me to go here and there but I'm traumatized I cant help but think "What if him get another puncture?" No sah, anywhere we going again I'll meet him there.

Mamachel (your neighborhood mechanic)

Over and Out '07

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DiGrifter said...

Hilarious! I could see them doing this as a skit in a comedy show!

You sure you weren't being Punk'd Mamachel?