Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Akon Song Becomes Gay Anthem

Now Hear this !!!

I was reading THE STAR on Monday and I encountered the previous headline. Curiousity got the better of me and I read the article. From the start I must say I understand how homosexuals could adopt the song especially in a society such as ours in which homosexuality is still oppressed. However, the notion that Akon wrote this song with homosexuals in mind is a little far fetched. The lyrics of the song helps one to visualize a love between two people that's not accepted by others. Yes, it could fit but I have a friend that sang that song to a CRV one day because at the time no one wanted to see them together (that's a whole other post in itself).

I have heterosexual friends that love that song. I know of players who use that song to assuage any number of their women when they start to get suspicious. The end result is that it's music and music is a universal language it speaks to everyone. So no matter what sexual preference, nationality,first language, skin color, hair type a good song can abolish all that and just get you to dance. If a homosexual likes the same song as you do does that make you homosexual? (silly rabbit). And even though it might not have intentionally been written for that particular group it touched something in them and they were able to relate. It might be people dont want to see you and your man, youand your car (sigh), you and your job whatever it is it dont matter.So dance if you want to dance and know its music baby, that's what you are supposed to do.

"Nobody want to see us together but it dont matter now,
cause I got you babe." Dont Matter : Akon

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Anonymous said...

Hey mamachel, at first i was wonderin which song but than i realize which one it is. When da song first came out i must admit i loved it. I use it to throw lines at bithces who was hatin on me. But now its so played out and to think dat is a gay anthem in jamdown. Damn, oh boy. I think those gay ppl oversteppin them boundaries. But then again maybe Akon did write it for gay ppl. Who to tell.lol