Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Returning to Jamaica

The other day I received an email from an individual who wanted to know about returning to Jamaica. . I was pleased by this email as it stirred some hope in me that people are still thinking about Jamaica. Whilst there are many resources on the web I was asked personally what I thought of living here. Let me say Jamaica is a unique place and I love it. I might move to another country for awhile but my heart will always belong to this little island. This is a sentiment that most Jamaicans share. So to all those thinking of becoming returning residents have no fear, do not believe everything that you read.
What had particularly impressed me with this person was that she was a young professional something Jamaica needs more of :-)

The only thing my friend says to warn the returning ladies about is the serious lack of available men. I have included some links that I think can help you with making your decision.

Come to Jamaica and Feel Alright!!!

Blessed Love,


Links to Jamaica:

1. Returning From New York
2.Returning from the UK
3. Jamaica Information Service
4. Discover Jamaica

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Aurie said...

I thought seriously about moving to Jamaica back in 2003-2004. Although it is a struggle sometimes, I still can't imagine not having a physical connection to mi yaard! Yuh si mi? I am just looking for a way to avoid some of the pitfalls of moving back that I always hear from alot of Jamaicans that move back home after being gone for a long time.