Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Its not you Its Me...

Hey All,

A friend of mine recently went on a two minute tirade on MSN Messenger about her boyfriend. Sigh, will this man and woman story ever end?!! The answer I fear my friends is no. Now let me get into the meat of the matter. My friend (said hostile from sentence one) is involved in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend of one year. Everything has been going rosy or as mamachel likes to put it "Everything Coppa-setic". Anyways, of late (past month) he has begun to act weird towards her i.e. not texting,calling, emailing, and very dry and distant on the phone. hmmm dissa one smell fishy bad man .. sumting inna sumting. If you are wondering, yes she has confronted him about his recent behaviour and all was blamed on family problems. However, this explanation just not sitting right wid my sistren for one he refuses to explain what these "family problems" are and as a result will not discuss his feelings with her. Inevitably,my sistren is left with the lurking feeling that SHE is actually the problem and would like to know Mamachel's take on the situation.

Well, first of all mek mi seh, never ignore that little voice in your head. A woman's intuition is a very powerful thing. However, on the flip side It is very possible that he is having family problems nevertheless, his reluctance at sharing these problems is making his movements very "suspect".I know you are going to see him soon, maybe you would like to wait until you are face-to-face to confront and see his reaction. Also, I cannot say it enough "MAN CYAN READ MIND" if your feeling insecure based on his actions then you need to let him know how it is affecting you. If you guys have a talk and this behaviour continues then you really need to take a serious look at the whole relationship.

To the boyfriend if you are reading this and you know you thinking about being a real ass and giving her bun (cheating) here is some guidance "Wrestling with the Truth"

Readers I do need your help with this, Mamachel could be wrong. Let my friend and I know what you think.

Blessed Love,



DiGrifter said...

I agree with your advice Mamachel... Your friend should be straight and tell him *exactly* how it makes her feel when he doesn't share what's bothering him, and give him a chance to explain himself. Then if no information is downloaded &/ behaviour is unchanged, well...

Anonymous said...

Talk to the man. However, be prepared for good or bad news. A lot of times we ask and then we don't like what we hear and we freak. Not meaning to generalize, but men tend to bottle up their feelings. Don't attack. Ask. And for God's sake, don't start with we need to talk! He'll never talk!