Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finding Love Online??!!

Hey All,

I'm not new to this Internet thing. I know how to communicate and Ive been in my fair share of chat rooms. Heck, there's one that I visit daily and I've developed a friendship with other bloggers such as bronx,neopanther,luna,gksden,watchlist and others that would just fill this whole post. We all speak about different aspects of our lives and we seek and dish out advice. I recently got help with my slide show from Luna, something I've been trying to do for months. I have read their blogs and seen their pictures and they have done the same with me.
I put all of this out because in all my time in this chat room I have never received an outwardly sexual or intimate gesture. So, imagine my surprise when I join myspace and start getting loads and loads of friend requests from men who love my smile, or thinks I'm charming and would like to get to know me better. Raastafari!!! How can you tell i'm charming from my picture? Just a word to the wise "all that glitter isn't gold". And so I ask the question. Do people actually hook up on Myspace, Facebook, Hi5? Do they write each other and meet and form long and lasting relationships? Please let a sister know. All I've gotten so far are a couple marriage proposals,booty call messages, and I now have a Peruvian porn star stalking my black ass. I'm not looking for love, Mamachel already has her Bubba. Nevertheless, I'm curious, do people really hook up on these sites?

Blessed Love,

Mamachel '07

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Urbanchef's Online Love said...

Mama Mama Mama Baby!
Unfortunately the answer is yes to your question.... people do really hook up on these sites and fall in love get married and have long (short) lasting relationships and all that other sort of funny "STUFF" too, which is another post in itself! Well, you know how it goes Mama if we were to study the history of hook-ups I'm sure the places people have met would take us from A-Z and back! and yes the internet love chronicles would definately make The Best of Mamachel's "LIST" with a capital "I" if we were to get down to the "Boogie Oogie" of tings! However MamaChel we must realize that strange and more weird things have happened and is happening right "NOW" as we write! I mean its 2007 and whatever we can imagine today A'GWAAN today!
good LAAAWD.... I can only imagine!
Anyways people I would personally love to hear about all the funny places and strange stories of how Mama's interesting readers have met and found "CRAZY" love. So please write to Mamachel so she can let us know folks....later.

UrbanChef! "aka"
Big Head.