Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jamaica Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hey All,

Let me start off by saying Global Warming is a bitch!!! I usually restrain myself with the cuss words but "What the bomboclaat is really going on??!!!!" Since when Jamaica get so hot. Duh, its an island sun, fun and all that jazz but of late I have been experiencing a different type of heat.."Heatstroke heat". The type of heat that will make you walk naked a road. The A/C at work not functioning properly so my co-worker has brought a fan hoping that by their powers combined we can get some 'semblance of a breeze. Dare to Dream.. (insert heavy sarcasm)

Don't even get me started on my apartment. The equator ain't got shit on this place. Yes, my A/C is working but unfortunately so is my electric meter and JPS (Jamaica Public Service) don't play when it comes to billing. So I turn the Lasko fan on full blast in hopes that someday, one day, in the near future I can feel some breeze. The only thing Lasko has managed to give me is a sinus attack. I don't know if is global warming causing this type of weather, if is so then unnu betta try cool it down cause Jamaica cyan manage it. No rasta, Summer just start and already I feeling this heat?!!?!!

Please if you have any suggestions on how to keep cool let a sistren know.

Blessed Love,


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billy jacks said...

I think there should be a law against weather above 75 degrees fehrenheit. People who are always cold just don't get it...

They have the luxury of being able to put on as many layers of clothing as they want. That method doesn't work as well in reverse due to heat.