Tuesday, May 22, 2007

8 Ways to Know you are NOT his Girlfriend

Hey All!!,

Every once in awhile I will get a phone call from a male friend of mine seeking ideas on how to nicely get rid of a girl that has fallen in love with them. Its like a broken record my conversations,I always ask the same questions and I almost always get the same answers. "Why is this girl stalking you?", "Why does she think she's your girlfriend?" , "Did you tell her it was a friends with benefits situation?" And the only answer I can get is a baffled "Mama just help me nuh please?!!" Just for the record there is hardly ever a nice way to let anyone down. We might believe you at first but we eventually figure it out and that's when it really hurts. Anyways, I have concocted a list to help out both my sistrens
and my bredrens in their quests for love. While it is not a complete list be advised that if you have experienced two or more of these situations.. Ants in your milk.. to clarify... Honey, he ain't your man!!

8 Ways to Tell You're NOT his Girlfriend

1. Doesn't interact with you in public - If your dates resembles a vampires and its only indoors and at night, no parties then honey you have problems.

2. Didn't Spend New Year's Eve with you - We all know the story who you kissing at midnight is who you kissing for the year (guys believe this also) and this is one occasion he cannot worm out of with the missus.

3.You can't get through to him after certain hours - When a guy is into you he will be accessible when he doesnt pick up he's probably with the real wifey.

4.On the rare occasion that you do meet people he introduces you as a "Friend".

5. On that note You have never met ANY of his friends - This is to ensure that he has a clean break once he's through with you.

6. Doesn't sleep over after sex- forget that excuse of not liking to cuddle,he can at least stay over.

7. Has never met his parent/s - This is a given no explanation needed if its serious you will meet the parents.

The Best for Last....

8. He's never told, asked, hinted, behaved exhibited and feeling to be more than just "friends". - Stop "thinking" you are his girlfriend and start knowing. If you are not certain then ask its that simple but save yourself the embarassment girl.


Blessed Love


Melony Louise said...

A list of nine things that stops at number eight?

The Jamaican adventures of mamachel said...

Thank you very much melony louise for pointing that out. Lol .. My bad its corrected... :-)

Blessed Love

E said...

..u have 4 reasons too many still....but mi naaah bus di secrets!
unnu go figure dem out!!