Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jamaican Driver!! Dont stop at all

Hey All,

Each day I take a taxi to and from work.(sigh) Yes, this is extremely expensive and I wait with bated breath for the day when I can "push my own key". Nevertheless, not one to miss the silver lining these daily interactions have left me with one insight "I can strike a conversation with anybody". I know you think i'm joking but trust me, the different types of characters and I do mean different that I meet almost daily is a testament to my versatility. Let me introduce my characters (of course I changed the names!! *wink*wink*)

1. Columbus- This charming deportee is a certified ladies man. A girlfriend and wife pregnant he is constantly on the prowl for another victim. Clients included. Our conversations will usually go something like this
Columbus: Mamachel how can I get a girl like you?
Mamachel: Leave me alone! You'd have to reborn.

2.Bernie - Poor soul... He has a girlfriend that is soooo using him. I know I only have one part of the story but he's taking care of her two kids because his baby mother take care of his and paying the rent. He wakes up early like 5:30 a.m. to drop everyone to work and school and then he begins his day. Yet still all she ever talks about is how she well want a man that drive a Prado, BMW or even a CRV...... Poor ting. Whenever I drive with him I take on the role of therapist "homeboy need some self-esteem"

3. Ass - I cant stand this guy!! But for some reason most mornings he's the only taxi in my vicinity. Absolutely no manners. A conversation with this one #76 you know who you are goes like this

Mamachel: Good Morning
Ass: -----
Mamachel: Bwaay this traffic sure is a killer this morning wonder if I going to reach work on time?
Ass: ----
Mamachel: ----
Ass: That is $350.00
Mamachel: *In my head* Asshole..

Most mornings I get into work I've already had a full days experience. I can tolerate all of these personalities. As a matter of fact I have grown to love my daily interactions, I find most of them colourful and well mannered except for you know who. Stay Tuned for your next update on "The Taxi man Chronicles"


Blessed Love

"Driver dont stop at all" - Buju Banton


Suzi said...

I don't think there has ever been a cab driver who wasn't a real character. They're never boring, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Yeaha, he was an Asshole.