Monday, May 14, 2007

Bob Woolmer Conspiracy?!!

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Mamachel have somethings on her mind about this Bob Woolmer situation that just will not go away. As of today Scotland Yard has stated that Mr. Woolmer died of heart failure. This report is in direct conflict with the Jamaican Constabulary's report which states that he died from "manual strangulation". No disrespect but what the hell is going on?!!! Okay, lets take a step back Bob Woolmer was found in his hotel room less than 24 hours after the Pakistani team was beaten in a World Cup Cricket match. He was pronounced dead at Kingston Public Hospital. Due to the suspicious circumstances an autopsy was performed and it was found that the man died from strangulation. Be patient.. its getting juicy now. Upon receiving the body Scotland Yard performed their own inquiry and is now claiming that boss man Woolmer died from Heart Failure. This is very embarassing are you telling me that our coroners cannot tell the difference between strangulation and a heart attack?(insert heavy sarcasm)

THough it can never be disputed that Bob Woolmer was a excellent and brilliant coach. One must look at the circumstances surrounding this alleged heart attack.
1. Pakistani team loses a very important game in what is quintessentially the super bowl of cricket.
2. Bob Woolmer is found murdered in hotel room.
3. Media frenzy begins
4. Pakistani team is fingerprinted and questioned (procedure)
5. Talk of Woolmer exposing match fixing and betting start to emerge.
6. Jamaican Police fly to England to meet with Scotland Yard
7. Woolmer's body sent to Scotland Yard
8. Scotland Yard says Bob Woolmer died of heart attack.

Did anyone know that they set fire to his house down in Pakistan before he left? Where are the reports of what he was really involved in. I cannot help but feel that this is a cover-up in order to maintain Mr. Woolmer's good name. Normally, I wouldnt have been upset, however, when you try and make Jamaica look incompetent in the process, we have a problem.

Truth, Love and Prosperity,

Mamachel '07

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DiGrifter said...

No cover-up... If organised crime had killed Woolmer it would've been quite obvious. They tend to use killings to send messages to other people who have pissed them off... not bizarre ninja assassinations where you still not sure how the person died.