Monday, December 17, 2007

Save that Date


How does one date?!! No seriously, what the fuck is this? I'm not from a culture that dates, here in sunny ol' Kingston you kinda have a social circle and you can always find out about the other person so you usually know if you have a sure bet or not. But recently I have been trying this dating thing and trust me, it's a little more difficult than I thought. Here,you go out with a guy for awhile and then you get close and people associate you with each other and slowly but surely (usually after the sex) both parties will conclude if they are compatible or not...That said

It's a dangerous thing when you try to get to know a person. You become cognisant of many things that a whirl wind romance would have left you blind to. So,what does one do with all this information? I can tell you what a female does, she over analyses and goes off on the weirdest tangents ever. We can't help it, we just cant. Is he really going to that meeting or does he think we need space? I met some of his friends does this mean he's into me or what? To me dating is circuitous bullshit that never answers any questions. And frig all that self esteem crap, dating will reduce the most self-confident woman to a self-doubting, manic teenager.

I will admit though that the girl in me loves the special treatments that come with dating. The thrill of being chased and knowing that someone likes you can be addictive, but face it you can get that feeling at any happy hour on a Friday night. And answer this, "How awkward is it when you finally realize that you don't like a guy". Girls you know what I'm talking about... that one guy who you know you'll never sleep with but still takes his calls because he is always there for you.

I know I have no answers but today all I have are questions. I'm still on the fence about this dating thing and because of that I will have to tell some guys to save that date. I will keep you posted.

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