Saturday, December 29, 2007

That Time Again

Hey All,

It's that time again. Hard to believe that it's almost the New Year. This year has gone by very quickly and yes, there has been heartache and yes there have been disappointments. However, the optimist in me cannot help but remember the triumphs and the new found knowledge that I am indeed stronger and smarter than I ever gave my self credit. If you are reading this then you have made it to the new year and you know what? You, are more resilient than you think.

Oh, it's going to be another year of craziness but unlike past years, I am looking forward to it. Why? I have now weeded out the hypocrites and have a small but resourceful circle of friends who stand at the very core of all my survival stories for this year.

Let's not get it wrong. I'm no Polly Anna. I know there will still be crazy people on the road, rumour starters, negative people, haters, taxes, that one bitch with no cellulite, and some guy that will try to break your heart and probably succeed. I know it will all be there when I go home January 1st, yes it's going to be "Same shit, Different Year." But my story in 2008 is going to be "Same shit, Different Me"

Nuff Luv in the New Year,



E said...

yep...pretty much sums it up.
Happy New Year to u Mamchel and fellow readers.
Bless..and see u in '08

DiGrifter said...

True words Mamachel!

Let's be great in '08 I say...