Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Thoughts On...


Ive been laying awake at night thinking about the most random things and you know what they say misery loves company. So here are my thoughts on the most random.

1. Tiger attacks - Hmmm...It's very sad that these parents had to lose a son at all much less during the holidays. There are investigating claims that the tiger was taunted. If these grown ass kids drank a bottle of vodka then climbed over a fence (no matter how low) and troubled a Siberian Tiger,then I got one thing to say to them. Persistent, Provocation, Provokes a Patient Tiger(scratch that I meant Person) depending Particularly on the Painful Punishment after.

2. Gastroenteritis/ Gastro for short - The nice version of this is the stomach flu. If I could bottle and sell this to models I'd be Rich. The instructions on the bottle would say take one pill one week prior to runway show. Drink lots of fluid.

3. Writer's Strike - I could be unselfish and dig deep to the part of me that understands that reality t.v. writers and animators need representation or whatever is holding up this strike. However, I watched Super Nanny and Wife Swap in one night so forgive me if I'm not feeling to considerate today.. GET ON WITH IT ALREADY PEOPLE ... GIVE DI PEOPLE DEM RAISE so I can see what happens to Sylar :-)

4. Super Nanny - Are you serious? You see these little bad ass kids running amok and telling their parents curse words and a little patients and love will make them better. One proper buss ass is all the super nanny I did need when I was a child.

5. Cash Plus - Bwaay it rough but I going to leave this one alone

6. Britney Spears - She doesn't want those kids at all

7. Perez Hilton - Addiction, addiction, addiction. I'm so addicted

8. Ambien - I wonder if I should take it? I can't be thinking this shit.

Nuff Luv,



DiGrifter said...

Ok good start to the year Mamachel!

This was fall down funny if I may say so...

Derrick Mckoy said...

Good read Chel ... if you ask me the writers should have written a better contract :)

E said...

and my $0.02 on the matters:
1. provoke SIBERIAN Tiger...u deserve whe u get...eeediyat!!
2nd.shitty situation
3.agreed...and Sylar is a STAR and Peter is a whiney BIYOTCH! (yeah..i said it! what?! WHAT?!)
4...moving on... pity! NONE!! (D.S. FTW)
7...moving on...
8.Mamchel...i have a GUARANTEED way to "put you to bed" (money back guarantee)