Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honesty...The best policy?

How much honesty can a person handle? I constantly hear people asking for the truth and usually "they can't handle the truth". I'm specifically talking honesty in relationships...not solely of the romantic kind. I'm talking even in your everyday interaction, is honesty really all its cracked up to be?

Friendships- how honest are you? I'm not talking telling your friend that honestly that outfit is ugly. I'm talking about the type that matters. How many brave ones could really tell their friends they smell or that she's one penis away from being a porn star. If you have, let me know how that worked out for you.

Romantic - do you really want to know how many people he/she has slept with? If he/she was honest could you handle it? Whose answered this question honestly? And when you say no that's not a lot it won't change how I think about you, is that being honest? If honesty is what we're working with guys, say " well that number's kinda high your almost a floozy but let's see what can work". I kid, I kid that's waay too honest to ever go down well.

Do you really want to know that all this time he/she knew you weren't the one? Or would you prefer to think that you grew apart?

Professional - when has being honest about the boss EVER helped? Never worked for me.

The fact is humans are fragile. Honesty is one bad mama jamma. In a society where circuitous answers and behaviour are the call of the day.. No one's direct any more. I won't lie honesty looks good on paper but gets pretty dangerous in the execution.

Honest truth,


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E said...

there's a difference between BLUNT honesty and BEING honest.
Blunt is "well, is 'bout 53 man mi sort out, but mi lost count around ATI 2006" as opposed to "i'm not virgin mary nor mary magdalene".

blunt honesty is what 99.9% of people can't handle. knowing that, when pressed for a response, i suggest finding an a subtle way of responding honestly.

there are some things you can be honest, hell, even downright cruel with: review of her outfit for the night (don't matter what you answer, she going change it anyway!), or critique of driving skills (yes, i know the speed limit!)
some questions/responses are gender specific as regards the subtlety needed to respond, but that's the breaks.

If you have some genuine, no additives/preservative friends they won't crucify you for answering a question or two bluntly, but i'd advise not to make it a habbit.
Romantic, well, gauge your answer on how long you want the romance to last.

Chel, circuitous answers, aka subtle response, aka politically correct answers, are the order of the day as egos are very easily bruised.
Why make war when u can make love.


fred2dread said...

There is honesty and there is the TRUTH.
Men respect honesty but they can't handle the truth.
Women on the other hand can handle the truth just not honesty.
To avert all that, observe the golden rule. Don't ask if you really don't want to know because if you don't really want to know then you already know the answer.

The correct the previous commentor wanted to use is BRUTALLY HONEST.
Which brings up the point of being honest and being mean. There is a thin line between the 2 sometimes and some people just can't see it.

Anyhoo Dasa as the entertainer sey " The truth a go hurt dem"

Michael said...

Honesty my ass.

The first thing you learn in a relationship is YOU HAVE GOT TO LIE.

I'm not talking about sleeping with girls on the side and telling her you were at work... I mean...

"Does this make me look fat?".... "Hell no baby"

"Did you like how that tasted"...
"It was the best (*choke* *choke* *gag* *gag*)"

"AM I the best you ever had?"...
"are you kidding, you're my own personal Jenna Jameson"

Women (like men) would like to believe we want to know it all, but HONESTLY... we can't handle the truth. You have to be selective about what you say... how you say it, and most importantly WHEN you say it.

StuffAPIU said...

I think that honesty may even be relative. What is the truth to me may not be the truth to you. A white lie to me may be a horrible and bold-face lie to you.

DiGrifter said...

Honesty isn't always the best policy, as a relationship is sometimes like politics.

Anyways, Mamachel I want a new post from you. I's been waaay too long I think.