Monday, April 21, 2008



I know I have been gone for a minute or hour and I won't make false promises of timely blogs but I'm back for now so here we go...

I've been having a serious writers block In regards to what to write about. Today I started my research asking all my male friends what it is that makes a girl "wife Material". This fascination was brought on by a conversation that I happened to overhear about a young lady who was certified wife material as every man she had saw her as a keeper. I was a bit confused by this as I couldn't understand if she was such a then how come it's every guy? No one supposed to let her go...see what I'm saying?

While I was asking a friend of mine asked me "What makes a guy Husband material?" and frankly I was stumped. I have never really sat down and thought about it. I found my self giving textbook answers I mean I know I would love if he wasn't butt ugly, made a honest dollar, was compassionate yadda yadda yadda. It made me start thinking what type of guy is husband material. The research was a little chaotic some claiming that buddy (sex) and money is all that is needed but I've heard that song before and it gets retracted usually at karaoke night singing to Celine Dion's "all by myself" after too many Gin and Tonics.

I finally got answers that made sense... Most women wanted a confidant,someone who listens (if they don't like that blue pants would it hurt not to wear it around her?), compassionate, a good lover, one lady voiced that she had her set values that a guy must fulfill in order to even be considered i.e. earning good money, family oriented, clean, loyal, and faithful.

I have my opinions on the last two but I'll wait on my readers to weigh in on that.

Personally for me I'm happy when I find someone I can be myself around as most I hold close and dear think I'm mad. So understanding is definitely a priority for me...LOL

My research is incomplete. Let me know what you think makes a guy husband material or guys let me know what I've left off.

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Anonymous said...

lawd childe yu mus stap listen to yu ediat fren dem ...... FOOLISHNESS! tek whey yu can get! cause a woman in love is blind to the other 10 woman in love this one guy have pon de side. Then de whole of dem will be singing 'all by myself'.

It is the same reason the wife material girl, is by herself. Pretty in the store window, ugly/does not operation as it says on the box at home.

It is ok though women, gawn pick up yu store bought prefect man dem.... yu will learn 3 pickney later, when yu inna a one bedroom board house a rema!

Society standards were created by a player, dont get caught in the game, know yourself !

iriegal said...

Husband material is a man who "wants" to settle down with ONE WOMAN. In Jamaica (I hate to say it) but that is very hard to find.

A man who wants to be a Partner in the relationship, who understands that is through this union that together the marriage will work.

Join all Jamaicans on May 15th as we blog for peace and hope in Jamaica. I have tagged your site to take up the cause..ONE LOVE...IRIEGAl