Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Target Practice

Hey Peeps,

Sorry that I've taken so long to write but Mamachel's been under the weather. No worries,life has not failed to provide me with amusements for me to write about. A friend of mine contacted me not too long ago about a situation that she is in. It was a bit much for me to handle in my comtrex induced haze but I'm back almost back now and ready to tackle this one.

The problem my friend is having most females would love to have. She's dating four guys one time , normal enough I know but somehow Anna Nicole here has managed to catch feelings for all of them. Yea I know, Cry me a river baby... Oh well I'm sure some will disagree with the advice I'm about to give her but here goes...

Girl, I'm a firm believer that variety is the spice of life. (LOL) However, there will come a time when you have to make a decision. There is no guarantee that you will continue to like all of them in the same manner. I'm sure there are certain characteristics that you hold important and eventually one of them will become the front runner. In my quest to be objective I asked couple male friends what she should do or better yet, what would they like a girl to tell them if they were one of the four? Most, said they would love the girl to inform them of the situation one using the example of a man running faster knowing three lions are after him instead of one (there goes those lions again). Confucious say man run slower with one lion or three still get nyam...

Back to the matter of hand. I think you should just ride it out girl someone will eventually shine. Your heart will lead you to the right person and you'll have alot of fun along the way to discovery. So keep up that target practice pretty soon you'll hit that bullseye.

Nuff Luv,



DiGrifter said...

Now I know where Jackets come from...


Derrick Mckoy said...

"Now I know where Jackets come from..."

Ha ha, Exactly!

Honestly though Chel, unless your friend is still in high school, I can't say I agree with your advice, even if they are ... "Dem need to stop act like a skets."

People must live and make their own mistakes, and at the same time people must grow up and act like big people. This might be easier said than done however.

Here is another saying, its called The ethic of reciprocity it simply means "treat others as you would like to be treated."

Anonymous said...

First of all, dating don't mean she a give dem all piece....small minded people must learn to stay out of big people conversation.

Mek de girl gawn, she know where har bed mek.....if she can maintain 4 man, more power to har..... cause dem ego will have dem a chase after her till dem get some......then love up de jacket!

too much gal in ja, fi 4 man to a run down one.....and dont tell mi dem nuh know ...ja too small.

memba if yu gal too happy, check fi me!

Joe Grind Extraordinaire