Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jamaica is NOT the most homophobic place on earth....

I've stayed quiet on this... I have always believed in freedom of choice when it comes to how we live our lives. I try my best not to judge but every once in a while I give in.
Growing up in Jamaica I have heard almost every Bible verse and song lyric that deems that homosexuality is wrong. But Alas, I am an educated human with my own mind and opinion. I have friends who are homosexuals and in truth they are some of the sweetest persons on earth (no pun intended). BUt as the fight for social and legal equality for gays gets more fierce I am afraid to say that I am increasingly dissappointed in the way they have marked my country.
Jamaica is being marked once and again as the most homophobic place on earth. REALLY NOW? Little ole Jamaica? I beg to differ. There are major countries who have laws that state that homosexuality is punishable by DEATH. How is that these countries:Saudia Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia have slipped past activists? How about countries that sentence you to life: Barbados, Guyana, Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda? Do they no matter also? Are you going to stop supporting their export products? Something tells me , no.

It might seem that I have strayed from my usual objective writing. I have. I am angry. If indeed Jamaica was the most homophobic place on earth then this blog would be different. Do some have a hatred towards a lifestyle that they have been miseducated about? Yes, of course. But there have insurmountable steps forward.
To bully someone into accepting your lifestlye is not the way. In the end you can change being gay as much as I can change being black. People will eventually accept you. And while I advocate equality for all I ask only one thing,do a little research. Know your allies before you start boycotting a beer that went head on with DANCEHALL to ensure that there were no homophobic lyrics at any event they sponsored.

Take it easy cause at the end of the day it's Jamaica... No Problem


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QuickBrownFox said...

Very true Mamachel. These homosexuals are the ones who are truly ignorant in this case!