Friday, July 17, 2009


I was sooo in love with these boys... sigh. I struggled with whether to post this video. i didn't want it to be seen as jumping ont he Michael Jackson bandwaagon but I totally thought I was going to be a wife to one these cuteys.Check them and their uncle michael out if not for the beauty of the song but for the eyebrows on these boys. If you watch the interaction with them and their uncle it comes off as simply natural and makes me miss him soo much more.


QuickBrownFox said...

I dunno where I was living, but I never even knew MJ had other family in the music biz!

What happened to them?

Shanoy Coombs said...

lol At QBF...Same here though. When I heard this song, I was, there's just sooo much to MJ that we don't even know.

N.B. Come on over and check out my one on one on with Kerie-Ann aka Kiki of Rising Stars fame. Cheerio