Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kiss My BBM ....


This will be short

I'm good at observing. If you're trying to pick that wedgie with no one seeing chances are I'm that 'itch (no pun intended) at the other end of the room laughing cause I caught you. So for all the men out there tryna "check" me please please please (insert James Brown voice) DO NOT think for one minute I don't see you.

Case In Point:

How is it that you have time to BBM (blackberry messenger) me on the daily, asking for pictures and sending crazy emoticons/smileys but once I no longer have a blackberry you go missing? No No people, I mean really missing. Like I'm about to call Whoopi to be a medium cause clearly this nigga has gone Ghost. And to make matters worse you on my facebook, msn AND you have my number.
Please, Please, Please <--- there go James Brown again, don't let me find out that you're one of these new generation cheap skates who have no clue how to even attempt to get in a some drawers. Ladies, you know what i'm talking about the ones who ONLY hit you up on Twitter, BBM, Facebook chat, MSN. Anything to avoid buying minutes or credit. No pupah jeezaz dem man give a new meaning to penny pincha!

And then I start thinking what's going to happen when I get back another Blackberry and should I re-add him will he just pick up where we left off? Like should I just accept your pin request then start talking like you haven't ignored me for the past month? Should I just ignore the fact that although you want pokey you find it hard to spend a $17.50 per a minute just to say hello? Suh wait what gonna happen when you finally get di goods? All lef fi mi expect is some messenger pigeon.

Here's the verdict: In the end this young man does not deem the young lady worthy enough to put some minutes on him phone and make a call. And while the onus is not necessarily on the man to always call it is recommended especially seeing he was looking the naa naa in the first place. Anyways, if him cyan spend some money fi likkle credit fi call OR text a girl him "like" then re-add him yes and when him send you a :* (that's kiss in BBM) just reply and say "Hey cheap ass KISS my BBM

Faith and Love,



QuickBrownFox said...

Hilarious and true! It was a long time ago I realised is a save money flex why so many people (men AND women) are on the Blackberry in Jamaica.

sher said...

Well if him cheap from the get go chances are he will be cheap in the end...if him cyaa invest some funds to make an impression chances are it aint never gonna happen....and since Money haffi spend..I shall say NEXT

fred2dread said...

man waa bbm slap u man. No birthday sex here. Phone text sex

Hello Miss Jean! said...

WONDERFUL! I love this. Kiss my BBM! Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyy can't men call? And when you engage them a little and tell them you're not a fan of Text, or BBM, or impersonal ways of communication and only use Text/BBM for info exchange or emergencies....why do they stop pursuing? So you rather text me than date me? I can't fux with that.

Mad Bull said...

Nice post! Funny too.

Anonymous said...

ROFL. well done!