Monday, August 31, 2009

Wah Cause Dat?!

What's up?

People I have soo much to say but I can't let it out all at once. Let me jump right in. My last post was about "Why men love crazy women". In all honesty I wrote that blog thinking it would be a one time blog. Man was I wrong! After some recent events it's become very clear to me that there will always be that one crazy 'ish that will make it bad for every calm, collected and composed female out there.

Have you ever seen some shit that has left you aghast? I'm not talking like a "wow" here people, I'm talking like a "Boooommmbboocllaattt!!!". Well I did. I saw some shit that made everything that I have ever posted about "crazy women" doing seem like they just threw a tantrum. So now I want some of these very "expressive" young ladies to talk to me and answer the following questions:

1] A wah cause dat?! - Like Tina Turner said "what's love got to do with it?!". You are telling me that you're on the floor in the club crying holding on to homeboy's pants because he said he doesn't love you?! Please please somebody pass me a belt 'cause this young lady need some discipline in her life.

2] Inna Real Life ?! - I have to ask like are you aware that this is real life and NOT Fatal Attraction? Do youknow that by doing certain things that there are consequences.?You can't break into his house or car and not get charged if he wants to. And please don't let me start talking about the stalking... Short of a nigga giving me something venereal I CANNOT think of what he could do to make me act this way.

3] You rolling Inna mad gyal posse?! - I am a true believer in the power of friendship. Friends save you from buying that bright green sequin dress wid the tie and dye lace around the edges (don't ask) and friends can talk you into and out of things. Do Not get me wrong, if my sistren thinks her man of four (4) years cheating on her I'll do a little drive by for her to check. But if she plan to go to suspected jump offs workplace and play the fool???? smaddy pass di belt cause mi haffi discipline har!!
Friends don't let friends do stupid shit. full stop comma, dash dash., --

4] Where is your self respect?! - Now I know alot of females are going to say this is unfair and I'm a bitch. But in the end unless you've been glamorized (sp) by some True Blood vampire then you ultimately have control over yourself. NUH MAN!! can mek me act like a ediat outta road! translation = Naan nigga can get me to act a fool in dah street! Are you maaaad? You mean to tell me that in big big 2009 I must create scene over someting as common as penis AND it nuh patent?! I would crazy glue myself to my bed before i go outta road and quarrel or beg a man back. He cannot make you crazy. You make yourself crazy and trust me I am that bitch in the corner sipping my henney taking in the scene and saying "WTH?!!"

Don't get me wrong people. I'm not made of stone, I've shed my fair share of tears over a broken heart but almost always in private or to close friends. And yes, oh yes there have been those brave ones who have tried me... But I've always been able to discipline them before things got out of hand. Ladies a man once told me that he couldn't do to me anything that I didn't allow and that has stuck with me all these years. You need to know YOU HAVE DI PUM PUM POWAH!! Use it! Don't have no man feeling extra special or all big headed because you killing up yourself over him.

Take mamachel's foolish advice: If you want to get a man's attention just play cool act like, his not calling or seeing you has been no big deal. Don't call him back and when you see him out smile and be ever so polite. It will make him pause trust me...

But anyways if you've ever pulled a Jazmine Sullivan or Not maybe a Carrie Underwood then hit me up let me know what was the motive behind it.... Cause i really need to understand.

Love and Faith,



Damali said...

LMAO!!!!!!!! Hope u guys didnt miss the pics unda that pink link dere!!! WOW; CANNOT believe dis is Jamaica; a when di gyal dem get so farrinized??? OMG!!!!! Where did the PRIDE go? Where did the days where men call out "Brownin'" and we feistily replied "Inna pot!", hissed our teeth and kept it this what the limited supply of men has brought to our paths? N is always some crawny man too!!! OMG!!!! WOW!!! I am breathless, wheezing, and highly disappointed in our ladies... =)

Keep up di work Mamachel ;)

Hello Miss Jean! said...

Wonderfully written and duly noted!

Anonymous said...

Chel I am of the conclusion that dem bitches have lost all self respect n self worth, is like de gender roles dem change gal a mine n a maintain her man just fi keep him. Kartel de sing "is like a movie gal u a star a de show " well looks like dem a tek dis fantasy thing to a new level. we have gotten to an age were technology a gi dem dem 15 mins a fame as dem proud a shit weh dem do. plus a dem man dem fault, wen ur ooman a display dem behaviour deh she no respeect u neither or its now become acceptable fi gwan so, a de new way fi seh yeah baby mi really love u wid all de drama;)

Anonymous said...

MADD!!!!! Woman fe stop dem tings deh fe true man - a bare carbon copy man out deh a gwaan like dem c***ky line wid gold - put dem pon pause it nuh worth your self-esteem. Mek de idiot dem gwaan mine man cuz dat still nah hol dem at all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chelz,

I found your post quite an interesting one...With regard to your fist 2 questions...answer: these people seems to be unable to control their emotions or are ummm "very expressive" lol. For number 3... I pass. I only get involved if it involves me however there are very few exceptions. Number 4...There are some people that learn from their past relationships and others that dont...simply put. What I suggest though is that as females we neeeed to read Steve Harvey's book "Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man. It provides a lot of insight...

Kudos to you Chelz... PUM PUM IS POWAH!


Anonymous said...

Ok Chel,

I promised you I'd comment so here goes.

1) This particular person not only sounds very immature as it pertains to matters of the heart. Hopefully that will change with time. I often find that some people place too great an emphasis on the relationship they are in which results in behavior like this when this go wrong.

2) Consequences? In matters of the heart, I often find that intense emotional feelings almost always override ALL sense of logic and/or reason. So it's no surprise here that the actions displayed are void of these things.

3) I believe you answered this question yourself. There is a Japanese Proverb that states "When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.". How many times have we seen behavior such as this not only supported but also encouraged by the peers of the person behaving in this manner? Too many to count.

4) again, in my opinion this all relates to the great emphasis being placed on not only the relationship but also the partner. It mirrors behavior in which one partner looks to the other for reassurance of self and speaks to low self confidence and low self esteem.

All in all, whoever this person is they have ALOT of work to do and should seek help in these things before, dare I say, it gets worse!

That's my $0.02.