Friday, October 09, 2009

What's the Real Deal

She Says.....

It's 2009 most women are on their own making money/buying houses/starting families and just basically justifying why they have that "S" on their chest. So why is it that the one arena we cannot conquer is the one of Love? Could it be that we are getting conflicting messages from the other team? For instance, I have heard numerous male friends speak on the fact that they hate a woman who pretends, that they want someone who is upfront, someone who will not beat around the bush, in essence "If she like me, she like me, and we just work from that". However, I am a little confused as these same men are the ones who wife up the women who act as if they have never seen a peen in all their lives.
Oh come on you know the ones I'm speaking of, the "virginzzz" the ones who MUST be in a relationship to be sexually involved with anyone ( at least that's what they claim). And if it was a genuine criteria I see nothing wrong with that but it usually is some spiel practiced infront of a mirror. The ones who(with a straight face) will tell a guy that they've only slept with 3 men in all their 34 years of life and those were all serious relationships. Those are the girls men inevitably wife up. Those are the ones you wine and dine not knowing that while you wining and dining in hopes of likkle nash Joe grind coming over round 11pm to sort out har bizniz. Then, when couple years down the line you find out that yes she did sex that whole crew but everyone thought you knew you ready to have a heart attack.

My opinion is that some women react differently with different men. While one man can get a girl to do the nasty in the parking lot another one will never have the chance of seeing that side of her. So don't judge the girl maybe just maybe you have that power over her :D

My Question is:
Does this type of behaviour encourage ladies to be continually deceptive to their male counterparts?

The fear of being judged is stronger than you think ....

He Says....

You'd have to be as stupid mofo to believe that a girl isn't sleeping with anyone. Most females love sex as much as any other man.
I get a little suspicious of the above mentioned virginnz cause its 2009 I haven't bucked up a genuine one in years. To the sisters out there being royal and true I'm proud of you. But I like a girl who is upfront and plays no games and I hate a liar. You could sleep with me the first night we meet in the end its your attitude after, that will help me determine if your a ho

That's the Real Deal

Love and Faith



sher said...

Don't u hear Ludacris say they want a lady in the streets but a freak in the the girl dem that act like a hoe all the time is not appealing to them cause them figure they gonna f around on them. We all know men are drama queen so if they r cheated on its the end of the world...but of course its ok for them to do it to us....

Andre said...

Well like i was tellin you earlier, we want to be the conquerers. Huge blow to one's ego if a woman is string enough to speak her mind sexually cuz then men feel like she's too string willed for me to control. Basically we grow up "learning" that a woman should act "ladylike" and simply does not act in that manner. So i don't think we men should shoulder 100% of the blame. Some men may be stupid and some just don't know any better.

Shey said...

ok, i had to get on the pc for this 1. this subject is always touchy. *sigh*
since we're looking @ this from a realtionship angle thats where i'ma put my $0.02 in.
Ladies don't get caught by the hype, men don't want a ho except on the dancefloor! Him don't even want har eena him bed! Big diff btwn a ho & a freak! A freak got some skills that keep a ni99a wanting more. A ho just been wit every damn body!
Fellas, u keep fooling yourselves wit these so-called virgins. GOOD LUCK WIT DAT!!! 99.999% of the time dat ho been f**king since she was 12yrs old!
For the females that embrace their sexuality & aren't afraid to show it, very few REAL MEN can handle that! So its gonna be tuff to weed out "di mekeh mekeh dem"!
I really could go on about this topic, but mi done .... fi now! ;)

Shanoy said...

Men need to make up their damn minds...I remember I used to get this impression that men are soo dying over virgins, which seemed true for a while, but then i noticed some guys would start saying they are fed up with the BS and beating around the bush to get some..Then throw in frenz who complain that their men complained if they seem 'too knowledgeable in bed' and u get my confusion. So in trying to strike a balance you go and feel out the situation-allow the man to take the lead and try to decide how to flow..then newsflash the man start complain that him don't want no 'boring gal' Him want you to take charge, do all kinda ray tay and so again you're left clueless..nicca what the hell do you really want?.. I guess men just generally want to feel like they're the ones who 'bruck you out' and then at the same time they expect you to somehow fit back into your 'un-brucked-out state' as it suits their fancy...sighs