Monday, October 26, 2009

Chivalry can confuse the pokey police :l


Chivalry: courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women.(cheapskate man unu nuh haffi spend money suh yuh excuse lame)

Many times as females we end up focusing on the negative. He doesn't do this and he doesn't do that. So much so that we often miss the opportunity to encourage the goods things that are there. Oh yes! There are men who are bastards through and through, treat them likewise.
But I'm talking about that open the door, pull out your chair, walk on the outside when you on the street, manly man. Notice not once have I mentioned him spending money. Because I don't want it to get twisted. To be a gentleman, to be chivalrous you simply need to treat a woman as a lady. I don't know one woman who would strike off points if you pulled out her chair. At the end of the day a lady likes to feel that a man put in effort. We are all grown folks here we know that you eventually want to get to the promised land. We know that while you are talking to us you can't help your eyes from drifting to our cleavage. And secretly we like that, why the hell you think we wore this tight as wrap dress for?! But your eyes cannot be glued to said cleavage, that's when antennas go up. You best believe being chivalrous can definitely confuse the pokey police.

 What ever does that mean you ask. Well when you hop to it and say "aye baby mek wi do a ting nuh..." a message goes to dispatch that says "red alert, red alert, infiltrator detected!" then pokey police is deployed and you get's no love. But when you come at me calm and cool, with that chivalrous swag everybody up in headquarters chilling not even seeing that you've broken down my walls and by the time they notice you done got some loving 2 or 3 times (if you can keep up).

All fun and jokes aside though. There are certain ways you can melt a girl, I mean really melt her and being chivalrous is definitely one of them. She might not say anything to you but trust me she's ont he phone with her girl the first chance she gets "Girl he carried my bags, opened the doors, pulled out my chair.. him a work fi it man". Trust me we notice and we appreciate it. Cause no matter how "Strong" a woman portrays herself we all want to be treated like a princess from time to time.

So fellaz everytime you feel like its too much work to put in for a woman remember this "You catch more Bees with honey"

P.S. Chivalry is not fi everybody. Some girl wouldn't know wah fi duh wid it. Is up to you to observe and see if a woman deserves it.

P.P.S. Ladies demand it. you will get it.

Faith and Love,



MCuffe said...

Mamachel!!! You speak for a generation of women I last saw the day I said goodbye to my poor grandmother. Nothing makes the pokey police write a ticket faster than a man who a girl thinks she could curl into a ball and slam dunk for 2 points.Nice guys don't finish last anymore, they don't even get an entry form, and those that do, barely make it past the heats!

Now nowhere am I trying to say, its all about being an asshole... Keep your money to yourself, or make her get her own drink, but we all know even the most genuine gesture will make the Tommest Cruise or the Braddest Pitt seem like the Stevest Urkle. Its about being romantic but firm, sweet yet sultry, gallant and grimey... And nowhere does "may I have this dance" fit in to todays society

QuickBrownFox said...

Nice post Mamachel.

I have to disagree with MCuffe tho, as "May I have this dance" is still working for me.

Also it's never been "Good Guys" who finish last. It's "Good Guys Who Carry Themselves With No Confidence & Have No Spine" who definitely finish last.

MCuffe said...

Okay QuickFox.. first question...

Do you have a man?

May I have this dance most definitely works in the movies, so I'll give you that. In the real world that wouldn't even get a guy a second glance. I've been to Ball Room dances and believe me, it didn't even work there.

You brought up a very good point however and that's confidence. These days holding out doors, and pulling out chairs is too easily seen as a disguise for ones real personality. "He plays all these games because he wants me to like him".. and that can work against a man instead of for him.

Added to the fact that the modern day woman wants to feel empowered. "I can pull out my own chair dammit".. I down right had a girl trace me off for offering to pay for her meal. "What.. me cya pay fi me own food.."

Confidence is seen by how he carries himself, how he responds to you, even the way he touches you for the first time ( and I don't only mean that sexually).

The rest is all fluff!

MCuffe said...
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Hello Miss Jean said...

"Aye baby mek wi do a ting nuh"! LOL! That's the problem with the man of today...everything rush rush rush! It's let have sex today and MAYBE we'll get to know each other tomorrow...if I feel like calling you.

If guys only knew or better yet paid closer treat me nicely, with respect and a dash of can get you further than a nut. But I'm not finding that guys want to invest in more than just condoms and an $8.00 movie.

I need a "give me Chivalry and Moscato" tattoo.

IanLaw aka E said...

bwoy McCuffe...u sound bitter!!!

As Mamchel pointed out, you have to recognize the woman you sporting. A decent girl WILL appreciate most, if not all acts of a gentleman. The "ole teg-reg" will only appreciate how quickly and often you punch in your PIN at the ATM.

I have strangely found though, that no matter the lady or the tramp, some stuff never gets old (i.e. unappreciated) such as holding the door for her as she exits/enters a building, or offering her first entry/exit into/from the elevator.

So I would recommend to any MAN, cease not in your gentleman ways, but they by themselves won't get you laid!!


Mr. Nabafied said...

MCuffe... lol, you waste your time arguing with women in denial.
Women like assholes. Nuff said.

The Jamaican adventures of mamachel said...

@Nabafield 0_o *blank stare* I must not be a woman cause I can assure you the I dont like assholes. Like I said you have to evaluate of a female is worthy of chivalrous treatment cause a Sketel naah go knw wah fi do wid it.
If all the females you know like assholes..mabye you shold evaluate your dating pool... Im just saying

Anonymous said...

i agree will mamachel. But only a mature woman can appreciate such qualities in a man. Females have stages they have to experience just like men to turn them into a woman mentally. The problem is they date girls in a woman body but mentally they arent ready for a real man. Confidence doesnt mean you have to be over powering neither does lack there of means you have to be submissive. I am a very confident woman who luvs to be pampered by a man with QT and tender luvin. I want my chair pulled out and if you invite me on a date the bill is yours. However it goes both ways i will do the same too at time i work i have my own money a relationship is a partnership.