Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sex with the Ex ? - A View from Mars


Im trying something different with this topic. In my never ending quest to be as objective as possible I have recruited @MCuffe (hit him up on twitter) to bring the male point of view to the table. Hopefully, my male readers will now feel that they are represented here and i'll get to wild out a little more :P

Let's Go !!!!!

Now everyone's heard of the five second rule right? Well just in case you're not familiar with it, I'll bring you up to speed. The five second rule applies to food consumption, and has to do with the amount of time that food is allowed to be on the floor before one can safely put it in their mouth again. Is there any scientific explanation behind the five second rule, or are there certain conditions that apply to the five second rule or are their any exceptions? Well across cultures we see variations of this rule from the three second rule to the seven second rule, and even as much as 5 minutes. In Russia they even have a saying which goes (translated) "Promptly picked up is not considered fallen"!

So if this rule can be applied to something as important as food, why can't a similar structure be in place for Ex's?  Someone who obviously impacted your life in a large enough way for them to be considered your 'significant other' has suddenly fallen from grace and is no longer worthy of that title, does that mean they loose all privileges including sexual ones? Well assuming that one becomes an Ex the minute you decide to blow the whistle on the relationship, is there really a five second rule that applies to when you're allowed to dust them off and put them back in the sack, also assuming they will continue to remain an Ex once the lustful indulgence is over?

 As a matter of fact, I call no limits on this one. I figure sex between two people is completely up to them, and should hold no moral restrictions, given that you're willing to suffer the emotional roller coaster than may ensue.

The view from Mars is, in most cases, sex for a man is usually less emotional than it is for a woman. When viewing an Ex, all the ground work has pretty much been done. It's like buying a candy bar, you know what it tastes like, so you know if you want to try it again. The problem with meeting someone new is you have to satisfy a number of criteria which usually doesn't happen till after the encounter is done. Therefore, sex with an Ex can actually be more beneficial. My only exception, sex with an Ex will be considered a no-no once one is committed to someone else, but for the time leading up to that moment, I really don't see a problem recycling what may be considered used goods

The main concerns I have with this little agreement is as mentioned before, the emotional damage that could result. If sex is more of an emotional thing for a woman, than even if she tells you "it's just sex" chances are you will fall into the trap of "playing with her emotions". It's hard for a woman to separate something physical from something emotional, especially something they view as sacred as sex. Very far and few are the women in this world who view sex as a man does, therefore you need to be wary of all women, unless you are absolutely sure your Ex-gal doesn't roll over and ask you that universal exit question "So what does this mean?"

The five second rule is a lovely way of justifying an act that most people view as unhealthy, just as Ex's being off limits is a way of justifying an act that most people view as immoral. As far as Mars see's it, there are 3 things you definitely don't want to reuse, toilet paper, tampons and condoms (thats just gross). As far as Ex's are concerned, as long as it's good, that's one piece of food, I won't mind munching on again!


Anonymous said...

Well if I was that Ex I wouldn't want to be recycled as "what may be considered used goods" I would have a lot more pride than that...

Mad Bull said...

@ Anonymous: Oh, I don't know, most men would be cool with it, after all, we would be considering the woman as used goods as well. LOL!

Shantel said...

You know what's gross? women being referred to as used goods.. Base don this view, I think every self loving woman who values her body should never sleep with an ex who puts the situation like this...hmmph