Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sex with the Ex? - A view from Venus

Let me jump right in... !

Hopefully, by now everyone has read my fellow blogger Cuffe's post about Sex with the Ex. If not then click here to see. Now I would like to tell him thanks as I always want to ensure I'm representing my male readers. HOWEVER, its now my turn to go all in. So, LET'S GO!

First and foremost I will display no objectivity on this topic. Plain and straight ladies DONT DWEET! Be honest with yourselves you cannot have sex with an ex and not "catch feelings", it's gonna happen.  "Listen mi!" (Bounti Killa voice) you might as well start the countdown from the moment your panty reach your ankles. Sure we are all adults here and most times females do go into these situations with good intentions of staying neutral and not falling back in like or in love with the person but fact is fact you will get caught up. Now let's look into why women might have sex with the ex. Cause according to Cuffe post men do it because its Free, Easy and Known waters (hmm recycling my yute?). Ladies on the other hand do it because....

1] She doesn't want to run up her numbers :- hate to break the ego guys but alot of times a girl just don't wanna run up the count. As a result, she just keeps sleeping with you until she can find someone else. And yes sometimes you might do something that makes her think you might be reconsidering (DANGEROUS WATERS)

2] She isnt sure about the guy she just started dating :- Mi tyad fi tell you men but women love sex just as much as you do. If a girl just met you chances are she's going to be on her best behaviour... with you. That dont mean she isnt horny and so she might just continue to link up the ex on the sly till she's certain that's where she wants to go with you.

3] She hopes the pokey gonna kidnap you back into loving her : - lawd gee. Some women are convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that they can MAKE a man love them. While sex is a good way to ensure a booty call, it sure as hell dont guarantee no love.

4] It feels good :- yea you know how to hit that ONE spot right over there ....

Advice: Leave the ex alone it's gonna be hard at the beginning as most people are drawn to the familiar. But why expose yourself to all that heartache, pain and self doubt. Love yourself first and someone deserving will come along. Sex with the ex is  like driving on a Donut wheel its alright for aa momentary problem but eventually its gonna cause a problem. Why? Because a Donut wheel is NOT the real thing.

Faith and Love,



Sherry said...

Girl, this is so true! Sex with an ex is dangerous territory! Women are just emotional creatures...period! We will always catch feelings. No way out of that. Very nicely put!

Simply Tia said...

Love this!!! U hit the nail on the head!

MCuffe said...

Why I feel like yall women just backing up my point. You're poor little over emotional hearts can't handle it. So keep acting like you 'in control' 'hold the upper hand'. If you were so detached then it wouldn't be a big deal. Talking about using a spare, when you know you couldn't get your car turned on without your ex!

Jamaican mommy said...

Well said Chelz... truth is that most women would sleep with the ex based on point 4...But hell O...that is right where the problem gon REALLY settle in..."he's gonna screw ya into submission" (dnt rem the name of the 'motivational speaker who said that. But yeah it is what it is.. If you still got feelings for the ex and want to use him as the interim man....stay farr away before the feelings catch you!