Monday, November 30, 2009

Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 1

Salutations People! Im one of those females who will always give respect and compliments when they are deserved. That being said let me get into my topic. I'm always seeing these women around the ones that are always put together Hair curled up, make up well done, no pantie lines and clothes ironed. You know these women man the ones who leave the chair smeilling like perfume when they get up... Anyways, Ive always admired them as a woman I know it takes a good amount of work to be so well put together all day. Anyhoo, I have decided to find out exactly how much work goes into looking like this daily. Now I'm no plain jane but trust me when it comes to work clothes I dont excactly go all out so follow me as I try to be hot ALL WEEK

DAY ONE (cue Law & Order dum dum)

6:00 a.m : Woke up on time looked chose a black flair skirt and turqouise top, nothing fancy I know but let's play it safe for the first day. I do the requisites i.e. bathe, brush teeth and then I eye the thong skeptically for those of you who dont know I despise those things. Anyways, I decide to bite the bullet.
I put on make up and feel my skin as wth do the hair, shove the contacts in and head on out surprisingly on time.

8:30 : Reach work, we're locked outside and I start worrying that my makeup might not look so hot in a couple of minutes. We get inside just in the nick of time and I notive a couple of my co workers staring at me funny.

9:15: Male co worker comments on my look saying "hey I guess I could get used to this" We head into production meeting where my "new face" becomes a 5 minute topic. I try not to squirm

As the day progresses I find that Im not as uncomfortable as I anticipated nevertheless I am annoyed with the makeup that comes off on my phone everytime I answer it. As I start to relax and get all diva drama strikes.

2:30 or 3:00 p.m.: The thong starts violating me I send BBM to sistren "I can't do this this friggin thong is violating me.. mi mad fi tek it off and go commando" the response "Do it! and add that in your blog" well folks I didn't. I squirm, I shift I slide but I did not take it off. But let me say it's a sad affair when you looking on a clock so you can go home and take off a panty.

I work late and leave the office at 6:00 p.m. by this time my hair is messy, my make up is stale (forgot the kit for touch ups) and I've already filled you in onthe panty situation. As i drive home I seriously wonder if I can continue this project....

Day one: complete


QuickBrownFox said...


It would have been good to include starting and ending photos of you today as well.

Good luck tomorrow with that insidious thong! :-)

Me said...

LOL LOL.... yeah, was bout to say that too... need dem pix!

anticipating Day2

Anonymous said...

Could you be any more charming and engaging. What a fun read this was. I'll be back for more.

mamachel said...

Thanks for all the comments. I'll post pics 2morrow. Today was alittle helta skelta

Mz A. Rebel said...

My, why yu mus'mek it seem so hard? You got this! Day one down...lets see what today has to offer...cyaaaaan wait!

Charms said...

Not one of those women either, got to admire someone who can think after a day in 4 inch heels. Excuse me as I take off my flats to continue my day/night at work.

Shanoy said...

Lol.. I like this Chelz... Wish I saw 'the look' for day one. Maybe you should also invest in some barely there undies...leaves no line marks and more comfy than a thong