Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 2

Howdy Folks,

So this is day two of my experiment in which for one week I will try to maintain the hotness. Here we go

6:00 a.m. : Psssh! Roll over hit snooze button

6:30 a.m. : I get a blackberry message "Alm wake up you need to get pretty" . 0_o Awww frig I'm late!! so I jump out of bed and stretch. At least I know what I'm wearing however, I fell asleep before ironing so off to ironing I go (groan can someone do this for me?!).

7:20 a.m. : and I plug in my curling iron then rush into the shower ( I do a mental check to ensure I turned on the heater).
7:45 I start hyperventilating as I try to tweet AND lotion AND BBM AND curl my hair. But then I read my tweets and I must say shout outs for all the encouragement a bitch was this >< close to grabbing a pair of jeans and some gel.

 8:00 I press the nos (is suh it spell?)  and get ready in crazy seconds everything is on rapid inclusive of makeup and hair. I'm happy with the results and I can leave on time to get to work. White and Grey pinstripe pants, White blouse and navy blue loafers.

As the day progresses I realize I now have the hang of this although I am still annoyed at the makeup on my cell phone but I brought a tissue to wipe it off and i did get another compliment at work "oww!"

By 3:13 i'm faded and need to touch up my make up but frankly I have no time I got owrk out the waazoo and i havent eaten lunch as yet. Im pretty certain I look stressed and hungry but when i finally get to look in the mirror I'm surprised I look normal.
By 5:15 no amount of MAC cosmetics technology can save me I'm ready to leave and so I do.

I must say however that on more than one occassion I almost juck out my eye  when trying to put in my contacts. AND although the thong violation wasn't as bad as yesterday I was still acutely aware that i was not alone all day (LOL). It is tiring to constantly be aware of ones appearance though. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Day 2: Completed.

Love and Faith
Mamachel :)


Andreezy said...

i see u took my advice :-). The pics just add that extra dimension to the day's events. All the expressions tell the story. Last pic definately have the yard vibes look.

Anonymous said...

Yuh ah gwan good tho Mamachel... =)

Skerrow said...

Screw your contacts, you look much better with the glasses.