Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 3


Let me just jump right in. I'm having a bittersweet moment with this experiment. While I have come to realize that I am more comfortable in my own skin than I thought I am also suffering from lack of sleep that being said let's move along tot he day...Straight up this is not for me. ...

7:00 a.m. : I finally roll over and gasp (anybody else notice how I'm waking up later and later?) Well this beauty ting is seriously taking its toll. I gotta wake up earlier than normal to get shit done meng.

7:30 a.m. : It finally hits me that its really really late and while I love this blog and want to give my readers a good experience some of the beauty regime have to be sacrificed for the J-O-B. So I take out my trusty black pencil skirt and black top and throw in some black heels and a scarf (feeble attempt at jazzing up) and shot it through the door. Oh yeah, I forgo makeup (hangs head in shame) 

8:45 a.m. : I reach work and head straight to the kitchen to make some tea (rough morning). I'm greeted by my co worker who takes one look at me and asks "Who died?" I'm like what? He repeats with way more seriousness "Oh God Chel did someone die? Im so sorry didnt mean to make a joke. You're going to a funeral dont it?"
I simply smile and say "Nope, no funeral" I'm greeted with confused :s stares

9:00 a.m. : I trudge back to my desk not feeling so cute at all. So far I've been confused for a emo coworker who might be heading to a funeral.

 The day passes with little or no activity. No thong violation in sight, in fact I haven't looked at the emergency Bingo in my bag all morning. I'm starting to believe that said thong from day 1 whose name shall not be repeated might have been sent by satan himself.

1:20 p.m. : I look up to see a jancrow from the past standing in my office. Sigh of course, the one day I don't wear make up or put much curl in my hair, would be the ONE DAY that as ass from the past would surface. Nevertheless, I go about my business but now I get an understanding of how these females think. I get that little voice whispering in my ear "You never know who you might see".  Oh well lesson learnt but I'm still not sure I could do this outside of the experiment.

Day 3: 75% completed with 1 lesson learnt

Faith and Love,



QuickBrownFox said...

Oh gosh, it does look like a funeral get-up for real though! LOL

Yeh, I think you should give up this experiment, as *you* don't need to "hot up" yourself to look good Mamachel. (If you did, you'd have been doing it looong time.)

sher said...

Emergency baggy my girl...u a walk wid draws ina u bag.......shes a oh we gonna leave that well cuz ur are like me Jeans and a top fi work extra effort fi night life....and that's how it is...

Mz A. Rebel said...

Emergency bingo? D-e-d, I said, seamless panties for you from now!
All yu need to do is get used to it my girl...but as said above, you don't need all that to look good, and comfort is mucho importante at work...either way, I'm loving the experiment, let's see how it ends :)
-Mz A. Rebel

tameisha said...

Boy Celan ur killing me... That comment about the thong being from Satan himself had me laughing out at my desk... seriously funny. And that emergency bingo thing?? You can't be
Looking forward to see wat happens for the remainder of this week, my guess is it aint gonna be pretty!!
Anyway u have my support.. GO CHEL GO!!!

Anonymous said...

you couldn't pull it all the way off for the week. *sigh* Oh well, it's not like you needed to prove anything. I still think you should follow through with the last day just to see what the reaction will be after a day of not going all out.