Friday, December 04, 2009

Feelin Hot! Hot! Hot! Diary: Day 5 <- Yippee


Today was a great day. I had promised my readers that I'd bounce back from yesterday's shame with a vengeance and I think I did a fair enough job (if I may say so myself). Oh well, One with it!

6:30 a.m.: I wake up and get to work after much deliberation over which shoes I have to match what top I choose my outfit and jump into the shower (plug in curling iron) <- not necessarily in that order.

Things run smoothly for the morning I even put on some eyeshadow (mad ting). I step out the door and reel so confident I dont even pack a B.U.B (back up bingo).

8:35 a.m.: I'm greeted at the door with a whistle and a "Wow! hot girl" :) Throughout the day I get random compliments from co workers and visiting clients and vendors. Shooks my hair was so on point someone thought I had gone tot he hairdresser. All in all it was a success.

3:30 p.m.: I touch up makeup not too much. I also make plans to meet my bredren at Devon House to enjoy some Devon Stout ice cream, I'm sorry I have to go "somewhere" and it's food (my belly shall lead me astray).

Findings: My admiration for women who can maintain this look on a daily basis has grown immensely. And although I cannot promise you that I will develop those habits (I do believe you have to be girly by nature) I cannot deny that the compliments and attention wasn't pleasant. I will dress up every now and then just as a reminder :)

P.S. thanks to all my readers and tweeps who followed, encouraged, commented, read and most importantly woke me the hell up :) It was appreciated. To my new readers welcome and thank you and to the veterans bless i appreciate the encouragement.

Faith and Love,



gocharms said...

Echo the emotion that the women who do that on a regular basis! That and high heels make me know that I am not a superior woman, hanging head in shame...

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad that this experience taught you well. The ups & downs of a fashionista. You do clean up well though. =) Have a great weekend.

tameisha said...

Go Chel...woohooo!!!
Four out of five aint bad, and see thongs are our
Anyway I agree that it is important for a girl to put a little extra in, even if it's just every now & then. I mean I do it and sometimes it helps to boost ur morale. After all u got days when ur gonna feel down, so u gotta do a little extra to not look how u feel. That's my take on this whole hot girl ting, looking forward to ur next adventure.

Imperfect Stepford Wife said...

Hi I found blog a few days ago and I love it.

Cool's hard as a hijab wearing girl to feel sexy and to even try to look appealing.