Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sex Me Baby Baby

I’ve heard people blame falling in love on everything. From the moon’s alignment to the cologne/ perfume a person was wearing. But one that I keep hearing over and over again is “ The sex was soo good”. So as I sit here watching 16 & Pregnant, and fantasizing about Brody Jenner feeling up my breasts. I finally decide to write this blog, let’s discuss this. As a female I am very aware that ALL men think you will fall in love with them due to the sex game. Yes, I’ve had sex so good I wanted to buy him a short set. Don’t look at me like that you don't know what I’m talking about. These are the ones that make you “irrational” or as my good friend said makes you act “DICKMATIZED”.
 I asked a couple of my male friends if sex can make you fall in love, most said yes but only for females. Apparently men are immune to being “PUSSYTIZED”  ß can I say that? Nevertheless, I did find a semi-sensible explanation among all the testosterone covered answers. One young man compared the situation to a river and rocks. He says sex is the river and the rocks are the obstacles blocking love. The river helping to move or cut through the rocks over time. So basically Good/Great sex can help you fall in love faster.  *Go figure I was drunk*
Okay so now you’ve sexed me into love... now what?   I’m not going to sit here and say I have never been semi dickmatized but I have never confused that with love and i’ve ALWAYS known the source of the feeling. I guess what I’m really trying to figure out here is, how can a feeling as deeply emotional as LOVE be caused by something so purely physical as sex? I mean I’ve SAID stuff... I wont front if you deal wid it right I might even make you some jello, BUT I have NEVER said “I love you” <- But i’ve damn well heard it! Okay im clowning... But seriously, I do agree with men women are more inclined to fall in love based off the sex and not because its that good either but because they tell themselves they are in love. It all goes back to what society thinks and what is acceptable which is if you giving a man yuh chunni then you must be together. And that’s how females end up in loveless relationships running behind some not really worth it man... because he can slang dick. Imma need more than that...
One can be “Dickmatized” at a moment’s notice so I implore my females readers to HALT! At the first sign of Dickmatization and revise the situation at hand. If you find that it is too difficult to do this then it might already be too late. Godspeed.

Faith and Love,



Shawn (scDagga) said...

ok heres what i think.. women are more emotional than men.. men can do a numerous amount of women and not feel connected in any way.. but women a woman has sex with a man they tend to think its something more and they add more weight to it.. i dont really think ppl fall in love because of sex.. but they fall in love with the feeling they get from having that so called "mind blowing sex". Also women get more pleasure from having sex than men..so that may attribute to the sprungness so quickly.. maybe overtime it may develop into real love becuase thay are spending time together..but i dont think a person will fall in love because of sex.. thats my say..


ProblemChyle said...

I think part of the reason some of us women confuse dickamatization with love, is that we have never really had that kind of love and confuse the intensity of great sex with love....

gocharms said...

I agree sex can make you feel like you're in love but at some point you have to leave the bed (or the dresser, the car back or the cane piece). Great, epic, lasting love is not built on the pleasing of the body as much as the merging of a purpose in life-a great friendship and a shared destination.

Gotta admit though, that I fall victim to the 'dickmatized' time and time again!

QuickBrownFox said...

I think getting Dickmatized or Pussytized happens to you when you are sexually inexperienced, as was my case with one particular girlfriend. And the way she put it on me certainly led to me falling in love with her!

Thus, when you level up some with more experience, you become immune to such a scenario.

But back to your question: It can happen, but only in certain scenarios, and men are not immune.

Vegas International said...

River & Rocks??? #BLANKFUCKINGSTARE!!! What the hell is that??

Anyway, my answer to your question is you are overestimating what "love" is and means to some people, and underestimating what emotional sex does to people.

You wont fall in love w/ amazing sex as a one night stand, but you will absolutely get serious feelings if the relationship is emotional and the sex enhances that emotion.

Besides, bitches fall in love w/ the idea of things waaay more than they fall in love for the person. fall in love w/ a nigga for money, fall in love w/ a nigga for image, fall in love w/ a nigga for security, so why cant they fall in love w/ a nigga for dickin their back out. #IMO

MCuffe said...

There was a point in time when I used to believe that having an orgasm was synonymous with falling in love, which probably explains why I love myself so much! But in my semi-brief time here on earth I have come to realize that there is a popular misconception women have about sex; 'that which is said under the influence is most likely the truth'.

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owen said...

"feeling up my breasts", lol. hot!

Sure dickamatization is prevelent with woman especially if she becomes obsessed with a player. Whether what she is feeling is love or stalking is anybody's guess. Of course if a guy presses the rights buttons continually who can blame her for falling?

Charles said...

You asked some very pertinent questions....Many people confuse sex with being in love because of that great orgasm wich produces a rush of endorphins. In my opinion what the individual "loves" is not the person but that euphoric, pleasurable sensation akin to a crack addict that craves the next high.