Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer Sexy

Work By Loni Jones

Unless you’re living in some parallel universe we’ve all been suffering from this heat. This heat will melt any swag, so I decided to get the help of dapper snapper makeup artiste Loni Jones on how to not only look good but also healthy. Because there really isn’t a difference J.

We all know how hot and humid the summer can be! A lot of sweating, sunburn, chapped lips and the list goes on and on. Summer is the perfect season to wear less and feel the wind on your skin, and the perfect season to over expose our precious skin to the harsh rays of the sun.
Where make up is concerned - less is more - so with that here's a list of makeup tips for the tropics/during the summer!!
- 1st and foremost WEAR SUN SCREEN or a moisturizer that has sun screen - that will be your saving grace, make it your BFF, apply this every morning before heading through the door. An alternative is using a foundation that contains SPF whether it’s in liquid or powder form...either way, more than ever, summer is SPF season * wearing a product with SPF at night won’t do anything for you ;) *try shiseido extra smooth sun protection cream spf 38*
- Keep skin HYDRATED – it’s so important to keep the skin hydrated! Drink a lot of water and use products that aid in restoring moisture to the skin which will keep the skin looking supple and healthy - Before going to bed, remember to use your night cream too! *try clarins hydra-quench day cream with spf and hydra-quench night cream*
- Keep FOUNDATIONS AT MINIMAL - there's really no need to pile on layers and layers of foundation - skin should be able to breathe through the foundation, not suffocate under it! *try mixing your liquid foundation with your moisturizer – this is also a trick to turn your moisturizer to a "tinted moisturizer"
- PLAY WITH COLORS – that’s not in your makeup wardrobe - those blues and greens or that orange lipstick your mother used to wear in the 80's  go ahead, try it!! Now is the time to explore your inner flower power
- Go BRONZE - to warm up dull skin use a bronzer that’s appropriate for your skin tone - bronzer can be flat in colour, or shimmery and range from being liquid to solid. If you have dry skin, use a liquid bronzer / if you have oily skin use a powdered bronzer *try nars bronzer casino for oily skin or one of the bronzing multiples*
- WATER-PROOF IT - assuming that most days will be spent outdoors at the beach, on excursions, at the river or swimming with dolphins – there’s nothing wrong with wearing your mascara or eye-liner, just make sure its water proof! *to fix a mascara that’s not already waterproof, try clarins double fix mascara for eyebrows and eye lashes*
- SMILE - people do take notice of your smile. So keep your lips from looking chapped. Wear a lip product that has SPF - if lips do get chapped mix some honey and sugar to create a scrub, and gently slough off the dead skin from lips - follow with a lip balm! *try la mer - baume de la mer - light weight and silky smooth*

These was brought to you by @Lonz - makeup artist, not jesus! :o)

Faith and Love,


Aurie said...

Oooo...You changed up the blog. Me likes!!

I am already doing the SPF thing and the moisturizer thing as well.

Mi naah try burn inna di sun hot..

Mad Bull said...

Who is the model you have posted in this post? Is she from Yard? Did Loni do her make up?