Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saving all your love for WHO?

Hold On People!!!

I know I haven't written in awhile but I'm here now and though I usually don't write about gossip, the following definitely caught my eye.

Whitney Houston is apparently dating Ray J !! Now you might be wondering isn't Ray J that guy that had one wish? Well yes, but I'm finding it hard to believe that he rubbed that lamb and get the genie and wish to date Whitney. (Ray J times must be hard meng.) Now in all honesty when I heard I voiced my disbelief. I was like Whitney is at least 50 and Ray J is not even my age yet. One of my friends clearly informed me that many men have girlfriends 18 yrs their senior and no-one looks at that. That topic I will touch on later. However, I have heard that Whitney is no longer on cocaine (crack is wack guys) however, these recent events have me questioning how sure are we that she not lickin the pipe anymore ? People in all honesty someone who is experiencing new found sobriety don't behave like her. Let me leave Whitney alone and get to the topic at hand.

Why is everyone so shocked that Whitney and Ray J dating? Yes she's older but men do it all the time. Demi did it with Ashton and everyone applauded her. What's the difference?
In most societies its accepted that a older man can have a younger "lady friend" but if a older lady does the same its absolutely scandalous.

Please let me know what's up with that? What make this different Race, Gender, Generation?

Let Mamachel Know!!!

Over and Out,

Mamachel '07


Gregg said...

Quite simple really. In times past older men provided younger women with security and greater wealth -- while the younger woman provided the older man a more beautiful & energetic lover. This is true of all societies.

Nowadays more women are able to take the place of the older man, and so increasingly feel the need to get their trophy guy as well.

I'm sure after the next two generations both men and women will be 'guilty' of running down partners 2-3 decades their junior.

Bridgette said...

Well this is very interesting... hmmm its seems a little bit bias that the guys have all the fun.... now to be frank most women these days especially those pushing 40 and over have kept their minds, body and finances in shape.. long gone are the days when 40 was stone aged... these women are at a point in their lives where the husband,,, no I mean they are either divorced or separated with the kids grown and in college... they are already successful in life and so nothing is wrong with a little sugar candy to satisfy your cravens of the sweet treats.. for all I'm concern she can enjoy Ray J but leave it at that... no more shacking it for now save that for a stable man.

fras 'ead said...

shooot...If I was 50 I woulda want a 25 year old too...call me Stella if you want, but while you getting it from some Viagra induced bastard, I'll be doing the freaky deeeky with a strong back, able body stallion (lol)...nuttin wrong wid it Whitney, especially after BOBBY BROWN (ewww...!) Kudos to you girlfriend!

fras 'ead

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the above. If an older man can have a younger girl then why cant an older woman have a younger guy. i think it might be better for the for the woamn to be older cuz she doesnt need to be on any viagra and she can go for a while pending teh man doesnt want any kids then it causes a problem (i know a guy who is about 34ish and has a 40 nuff year old woman who ha sa lot of kids, now if he wants kids he is in trouble) i think Whitney can enjoy Ray j and if thats what they want then who am i to say no...take a piece of him for me Whitney cuz i think he is cute...

Anonymous said...
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MediaMark said...

Double Standard!
Surveys have been taken. When it comes to younger "Men" and older "Women" men look for beauty first in a relationship (trophy piece) brains second. When it comes to younger women and older men its about power and status first for women, appearance semi bald & fat second, women are generally looking for a kind man with stability. So what's the case with Ray J and Whitney? well they both have financial stability for the time, however age will catch up with her sooner or later and that YOUNG BUCK will F--- off! with the rinkles, excuse my language but the entertainment world is very crude when it comes to relationships!

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