Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Going the Distance

Hey People,

Now for the past couple of days my inbox has been very quiet (do not be shy to write me). However, today I got a question from a good friend in India asking about long distance relationships. Now Indie is being faced with the possibility of entering a long-distance relationship, and Indie is not so sure. The question mamachel but answer is what kind of relationship can someone have without the physical interaction?

Well first off let me say its okay to have doubts, long-distance relationships are hard. It depends on a lot of things. How strongly you feel about this individual, how long you have been together and most important if your partner is as determined as yourself to make things work. I would suggest that you sit down with your partner first and have a serious conversation on where your relationship is going and what exactly are both of you working towards. If it was just to have someone around well the long-distance has made that decision. However, if it has the potential and you seriously feel within your heart that it can work then go for it. Because if you don't then you will always wonder.

Now to touch on that physical side.. Hm mm some physical is needed from time to time. This should be included in your serious discussion because trust me IT WILL BE AN ISSUE. But its the emotional ties that will get you through the horniness, loneliness and Sunday afternoons when you are very tired of watching Law and Order re-runs.

p.s. Research some vonage or phone card deals because long-distance relationships does cost some change.

Good Luck

In the meantime between time be irie

Mamachel '07


Anonymous said...

I believe that long distance relationships are hard as raas. It has to take soem serious dedication on both parts and what usually ahppen is that teh dedication falls short on one part and teh other party gets hurt and feels like a bag juice. The need for intimacy and for some bodily contact i think is extremly important..those Law and order re runs do get to you after a while. Starign at the walls and playign game boys ( thats what i do now though i am not in a long distance reltionship- it feels that way though, cuz i am as lonely as if i was in one)doesnt cut it ..after finishing mario brotehrs 3 about 5 times you will get upset. So the need for bodily contact is important... Talk to the partner and see what he says and then make the desicion if it can work..Good Luck..

Leon said...

Hey there! Nice to make the acquaintance of another Jamaican blogger!

Michael said...

Seems like my last 3 relationships were long distance... the last being the longest and the hardest of them. The talks, the promises, the msn and the webcam (oh yes the webcam) do become monotonous after a while... and you're left to find innovative ways of bridging the gap.

Theres not a lot you can do, because they proximity is something thats terribly important for intimacy, comfort and simply put reality!

There are no tricks to it either, but there is one thing I do know is crucial or you'll have to take a serious look at exactly what you're doing... the two of you must have a plan!

There has to be a destination, a time period or something to look forward too or you'll simply loose hope, and rightfully so.

You have to set a date for when you'll next see each other, have some idea as to where the two of you will end up, or where you're both going. Your paths have to cross at some point to give your mind some comfort. And if the answer to every time you ask "when are we going to see each other".... "we'll see"... it might be time for a reality check!