Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mr. Marley "Happy Birthday"

Lets give respect where respect is due. Bob Marley is the greatest. In all reality we cannot even say that he is no longer with us, for a deceased person Bob sure has been giving back not only to Jamaica but also to the world. His lyrics have always been timeless and the fact that several generations later young adults still rever him is a testament to his musical genius. Some have gone as far as to say that he was a prophet an argument that is hard to dispute once you listen to the words of "Redemption Song" or "War". Nevertheless, it is a sad fact that most prophets are seldom recognized in their own land. Today most of my friends were unaware that it's Bob Marley's birthday. If it wasnt for his music playing on the radio then most people would also be unaware.

As a Jamaican you take it for granted that you have first hand knowledge and access of one of times greatest musicians. I myself was unaware of how little I knew until I met some german tourists and heard them speak of Bob and saw the look in their eyes. To them he is a musical God, to us, he's just Bob. As I drove to work head bopping to "Smile your in Jamaica" I wondered where were the banners or the flyers? Dancer Bogle had a memorial dance and a song written and a dance made just for him. Where was all the hoop-law for Bob?

I googled and found out that Bob Marley's birthday would not be celebrated at home this year but in fact it will be celebrated in South Africa. At first I was upset. Why do we as Jamaican's let all good things go? Why would they take his birthday to Africa? Then I realized this is what Bob would want. He would want to help those people in Africa. So I say Kudos to his family for taking the initiative and spreading Bob's words and influences to the world with their Celebration dubbed " Africa Unite".

No matter where they take Mr. Marley he'll always be ours and we'll welcome him whenhe's ready to come in from the cold....

Happy Birthday Robert Nesta Marley all when we dont show it we love you!!!!

Over and Out,

Mamachel '07


Gregg said...

Add me to the list of Jamaicans not knowing when Bob Marley's birthday was (but at least I knew it was in February)...

You should have mentioned though that he was voted "musician for" and had "song of" the millenium (in 2000 I believe).

Anonymous said...

Hey, Im not a Jamaican more so I didnt know when was his Bday either. By the way today is my niece 8th bday. Anyway personally I dont think Bob-da great legend celebrations should be in Africa. That man is a Jamaiacan, why not have his celebrations in Jamaica so they ppl of Jamaica could truly remember and cherish him as the great musician and "prophet' he was. Truly I believe that only Jcans can really appreciate the Bob Marley celebrations. Becuase they are able to identify not Africans. Africans dont know anything Robert Nesta Marley. Thats my two cents.lol

Daniel said...

While I do agree that Bob's messages are applicable throughout the world I think that the celebration of his birthday in South Africa is unacceptable. Africa did not make Bob the person he is, Jamaica did. And while his background is African, he is also half-white. Rita Marley has clearly gone mental.

Anonymous said...

Legends live forever

6th of February marks the day that Robert Nesta Marley was sent to earth from the divine forces of Rastafari, with messages of love, peace and unity, for truth seekers to embrace. This man is and always will be a prophet, not a "STAR" as limited minds think.

Bob is the 21st century teacher of universal truth, the wise master of wisdom that was protected and guided by the eminating light of the one and only true law, Rastafari.