Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hey Peeps,

Its Valentine's Day again wow time sure does fly. It feels like just yesterday that I was skipping stations searching for ANYTHING but a love song, flipping through channels wondering what in the world has happened to my regular programming and most of all dodging questions of "What did you get for Valentine's Day?" Well apparently it was a year ago and like I said Valentine's Day is around once more and to top things off the questions started from early this week. Do not get me wrong people I fully support Valentine's Day I just need to find a significant other who feels the same. For many it is that one day just like Christmas when they can show how much they appreciate another person. Simple enough right?

Wrong. For many (usually the men) Valentine's Day now involves spending gross amounts of money. As a result, Men have started to rebel all of a sudden they are concerned with how materialistic this day. One excuse that is VERY popular with the opposite sex is that "I show my love year round , my girl don't need one day to make her know i love her." Who fool him? OF course she does. Unknown to men that present doesn't just verify your love to her but also to her peers. Have you ever seen the face of a lady that receives a bouquet of flowers at work, she beams like crazy.

I hate to break it to you but Valentine's Day might have become materialistic but my question is this If you show your love throughout the year why would you chose this one day (valentine's) not to show it? It shouldn't be such a big deal.

To lighten things up let Mamachel know some of your funniest or most trifling Valentine's Day excuses and experiences.

Roses for All,

Mamachel 07


Urban Chef Live! said...

WOW do we men ever take a beaten when GIFT giving time comes! I guess P---- really rules the world bwoy.... because it seems that only the females complain when not receiving! and I'm not saying they dont give, however....
I never received this year (not even a email) but whose complaining (I always thought streets were two ways) I mean cant we all just be humble & focus on what we have, and what is good, instead of all the negativity related around not getting, or what that may mean
to our peer(s)(pressure). We all have enuff pressures everyday to add more because of retailers (society) who want to sell more more and more stuff! chocolates roses, candies & commercials!
Well sooooooorrrry! to all those disappointed!!!! I dont BUY into the HYPE! I give when I give nobody tells this individual when it's time to express my HEART felt feelings or moments especially not S-----!

Urban Chef 2007
"Keeping it Real"

owen said...

I've never been in a relationship on valentines day hmm...weird. This year I went on vacation and just missed it by a day.

Vlad said...

Don't call me Peeps! Scrag...