Monday, March 12, 2007

Much to do About Nothing

Dear Mamachel:

I have a urgent problem... Ive been involved with Marlon for 2 yrs., however for the past four months I have started growing apart from him. I have been trying to keep things normal between us but the fact is I've started speaking to someone else and even though we haven't done anything (physical) I already feel a deep connection to this new person. My only problem is that I'm afraid of how my new guy will look on me if I cheat. What should I do? Stay with my tried and true boyfriend or try for something new and promising?

Turks and Caicos

Dear Choices,

Boy oh Boy!! Things sure are hot for you right now. To me it sounds as if your mind is already made up? I really wish you had told me why you have been growing apart from your present beau. Also, is your new guy aware that you want a serious commitment out of him. From my experience men that "check" for women with men are usual looking for a a easy fling ting. As much as I'm sure this new guy is absolutely wonderful I think it would be fool hardy to dismiss "sure" for "unsure". New relationships are usually exciting and fun more so a elicit one?! One of the reasons is that both parties are blind to each others faults. My only advice to you is evaluate your situation very clearly and find out what this new guy is really after before you end up empty handed.

Moving through creation with a Irie meditation

Mamachel '07

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