Thursday, April 05, 2007

In the End

Hey All,

Today I lost a good friend and although he's not the first friend that I have lost he is the first for 2007. This was suppose to be my good year. The year when all evil and wicked things would stay clear of my heart. Easier said than done. I cannot remember the last time I lost a friend to a natural cause of late it has always been some random act of violence. And while I sit here and type I cannot help but feel the anger rise in me. How dare another human feel they have th right to take these speacial people away from me? Not just me, but from their families (sisters, mothers and friends). I will cry all day and night but these people will cry forever. They will always glimpse their son or brother in a stranger passing by, always empathize with another mother who has lost a son. They will be forever haunted.

How can you speak to a friend today and lose him that very night? What do you tell his family? There is nothing to say, there is nothing to do except cry. In the End nothing matters except that remember how he loved football, was the nicest person in the world, was your big brother, was a hard worker, was a great son, respected women to the hilt, would have been a great father to a lucky son, would have made a greeat husband to a lucky woman, would have been one of the friends that would still visit even when we were old.

In the End you think of what your loved one was and also what he could have been. But today when it all ends all I can think of is that I lost a Friend and a brother. In the end I am left with anger, and no understanding as to why any of my friends have been taken.

In the End i'm lef twith only memories.

John P, Jamie Lue, and all others Can't forget about you.....


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Blue Panther said...

Oh! I am realy sorry to hear about your friends death. Its always sad to lose a friend like that.