Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To Wife or Not to Wife? That is the Question

I was recently privy to conversation between two of my male friends. One had started dating a girl for 3 months and decided to make her his girlfriend. However, he had another girl who he was dating for 6 months also and was wondering how he would break it to her. As it turned out he had nothing to worry about as the girl was willing to stay around and play second fiddle (popular trend here in Jamaica). I must be physic I just knew that would be the outcome. I could ask the girl why she decided to stick around but that's a whole other topic. What Mamachel wants to know is why did he keep and continue to keep this girl around even though he clearly does not view her as wife material. Yes, yes, I know the easy sex is a given but doesn't he have a girlfriend? If you can have sex with a girl and chill with her, why cant she be your girlfriend?
Furthermore, why keep her around for six months knowing that there is no hope of the relationship going any further? I mean Mamachel have a lot of questions. What made this new girl more suitable to be with in that capacity? I have a few female friends and acquaintances who are stuck in the "matey" / "other woman" role and they are lovely girls.

What I want to know is ... What makes a girl "good enough to be the MAIN girl"?

Blessed Love,


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