Thursday, July 05, 2007

Relationship Blackout

Hey All,

I know its been awhile but I got sucked into the Facebook vortex and have just recently been able to find my way out. What helped me was a series of island wide blackouts that were taking place. Sitting in my very hot apartment I found myself missing my a/c, telephones, and Internet access, oh did I mention my a/c? Anyways, to distract myself from the noises that were never there before I started thinking, how I've had a couple of blackouts in past relationships. No seriously, just think about it, during a blackout you feel lost, cant find your way, lose access to things you NEED to function, can't see the other person eye to eye, and no matter what you think you hear you have to try and be brave.

See I told you....

What do you do then when you are facing a relationship blackout? I mean when no matter how hard you try you just cannot see the light? Sleep? I think its during these times that you have to find the light that was there before or as we Jamaicans say go "Back to basics". When I have no light I reach for my "Home sweet home" lamp or some candles, plate and a box of matches.. back to basics the things that brought us light before electricity. This my dear friends is what you have to do when facing a black out in your relationship. You need to try and remember why you both fell in love or else the blackout will never end. But let me not end this without saying that sometimes a relationship needs a blackout, just to be able to appreciate the things you have. Let me tell you, no one can appreciate the hum of a fan as much as I do after a blackout. And trust when you and your honey do find the light you will appreciate them a little more...

Blessed Love,


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Anonymous said...

Uh huh....
this is one of those "u have to first be in the darkness to appreciate the light" kind of blogs, huh?
personally, when i am in electrical blackout...i either got to bed or find somewhere else with if i follow the analogy as posted here, its either I ignore my girl completely or I go look some temporary "light"...I'll just end the comparisons all can take it further at your own caution!
So my advice: Don't wait for the darkness...appreciate the light every day you have it...'cause when it gone..IT ROUGH!!
Bless ("E")