Thursday, August 02, 2007

Caribana, Toronto and Me pt. 1

Hey All,

Its been sometime since Mamachel got to see the UrbanChef and all so we decided enough is enough and packed me up so that I could discover and explore some Canada. The following is my attempt to chronicle my experience so far:

July 28th

4 a.m. and I'm Still staring at ceiling and watching some ghastly infomercial on t.v. too excited to sleep flight is at 7 a.m. so decided to just wing it and stay up the whole time until its time to bath. That time eventually rolls around and I start getting ready. Cousin comes and picks me up and we head to the airport. Upon arriving at the airport my mouth drops open the line is ridiculous there is no way I'm getting on this plane in time to go see my UrbanChef, clearly Air Jamaica has good business when it comes to Toronto flights.... Well the fact that my opening reveals that I'm in Canada clearly I made the flight. I will save you the account of the bad ass kid in front of me that wouldnt stop crying, or the three piece of ackee and tough dumpling called breakfast, or low and behold the hourlong wait for baggage claim.. I wont mention any of that. Instead I will tell you of how after all that seeing my guy pull up with some Roti in hand madeit all worth it. I'm going to have a wonderful vacation... Caribana here I Come!!!

More to come


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