Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Hurricane Dean Alert

I know, I know I flaked I went to Caribana and didn’t write about it but, so much has been happening I’m finding it hard choosing where to start. Since I’ve been away Election campaigns have become extremely passionate, Beenie Man and D’Angel have separated and fighting in the streets and now this frigging hurricane. Okay, let’s start with the most pressing matter. It’s Saturday and my phone keeps ringing, friends, family, making sure that I have everything in order and also giving me the latest updates from the Weather channel (as if my television isn’t stuck on that channel). Hardware stores are all out of ply wood, kerosene oil is like water in the Sahara and the sounds of chainsaws removing any hazardous tree limb resonates through the air and all now the workmen are yet to come to fix my kitchen window (it cannot close). Yup, Hurricane Dean is on its way.

I have tossed and turned all night trying to think of what I might have forgotten as I have chosen to brave this Hurricane alone in the place I call home (some say I’m crazy). Having survived numerous Hurricanes i.e. Gilbert, Ivan etc. I consider myself a veteran. However, one cannot help but feel a certain apprehension when I realize that the simulation of the path of the hurricane shows Dean swallowing Jamaica all that red, yellow and green I cannot see my island Jamaica in the diagram.

Its safe to say all of Jamaica is watching this storm with serious trepidation and taking it quite seriously despite CNN and Weather Channel reports of the opposite. As I travel to Ocho Rios this morning with my partner in crime Esther (she had work) I cannot help but take in the lovely weather (calm before the storm) and all the wooden stalls that are filled with a variety of our tasty fruits like star apple and jack fruit. I wonder to myself will all these things be here the next time I make a “country run”? Will there still be a Faith’s Pen, Fern Gully, Flat Bridge (Esther says flat bridge naah lef’ Jamaica)? I smile as the answer creeps into my mind. Of course! This is Jamaica after all, a country that has been underestimated time and time again. A country that has always proved critics and doubters wrong.

So, as the clouds darken Es and I look at each other “it’s coming” we both think but we smile. Is okay Dean, we understand everyone wants to come to Jamaica after all this is paradise, and if you misbehave we can handle you, because we might be likkle, but we Talawah!

Blessed Love,
Jah is my Umbrella, Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh ☺


E (liquor sell off) said...

Bwoy, why ppl dem a worry 'bout you is beyond me...nuh you is "Mamchel" (built Ford tough??)
As for hurricane preparations the list really simple:
1. Water (it is the element of life)
2nd. Canned foods (bully beef, tuna, pink salmon if yuh blinging!)
3. Rum ( i cannot stress how important this is!)

I-an-I nah go bother watch/view no Weather Channel/ as them both a tell me the same thing: hurricane Dean is a born comrade, going full speed ahead, and nah change nuh course!! (but whats with all a di rain & Showa?)

But, I'm sure Beenie Man will no doubt be watching closely to learn how big man show up on property and move desk, couch, fridge and tv...(real bad man nuh need no court order and no bailiff!)

People please keep safe and recite the Lords prayer at the imminent moment.

otilius said...

stay safe and dry! thinking about ya...

Blue Panther said...

Its brave of you to choose to stay through the hurricane. Take care and keep us informed.