Monday, August 20, 2007

Hurricane Dean.. I told you Jamaica not so easy

Hey All,

The fact that I'm writing means that I am okay, alive and kicking. I had written a post in the middle of the night but that's on another computer. But I just thought I should let you know I'm good. There are certain areas that have been hit really hard and the damages are devastating but for the most part Jamaican are okay.
There is a certain comradery that has take n over the island of Jamaica and everyone is showing a genuine interest in helping their neighbours. There are alot of fallen tress and some roofs have been damaged but the Kingston area is not the worst hit. I am trying to find pictures so that you can get a proper idea of how badly hit some areas have been.
I got back water momentarily but I guess that will come in intervals now I am praying for the electricity to come back.

Special thanks to the Hilton Hotel Jamaica for allowing me to charge my phone and use the internet.

More to come but in the mean time

Jah is my umbrella,
Blessed Love,


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